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Add TWINT payments (Switzerland) Merged

The swiss webflow community is very small, but this might help win the swiss market.
Twint has been booming in Switzerland. For swiss buisness' and swiss clients, it has very very cheap transactions fee and works with all swiss banks.
Plugin integrations have already been made for Shopify and Woocommerce.

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  • Pierrick Allan
  • Aug 15 2019
  • Reviewed
  • Stefan Jäger commented
    29 Jul, 2020 10:55am

    Very importent and a must have in 2020!

  • Nicolas Fol commented
    2 May, 2020 11:48am

    Stripe is not a good option for Switzerland :/

  • Nicolas Fol commented
    2 May, 2020 11:37am

    We need this ASAP

  • Hanita Badzong commented
    30 Mar, 2020 08:17pm

    OMG!! That would be super bad ass! I love webflow. Twint is the reason why my customers rather prefer wordpress than webflow.

  • Sascha Kruesi commented
    26 Mar, 2020 04:54pm

    How can we integrate as payment provider. We as we would like to integrate into webflow. Who can we contact here to do this?

  • David Lips commented
    24 Mar, 2020 12:18pm

    I am also a Swiss guy who would like to set up an online store. Webflow is great, but has e missing "TWINT-Payment-Feature". Therefore, I am thinking about to switch. Meanwhile, in Switzerland it is almost a "must-have" to have TWINT.

    Here you find your "competitors" for the Swiss Market:

    Many thanks,


  • Noel Saugy commented
    4 Feb, 2020 11:59am

    We need this!!!!

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