More Payment Provider Options for Ecommerce

We want to use Webflow Ecommerce here in Switzerland, but the Swiss people want to pay with local banks such as PostFinance or use a mobile payment solution we have here like TWINT.

The payment provider "Datatrans" ( provides all of that and more.

Isn't it possible to add this integration?

I'd love to see it.



  • Joël Staub
  • Nov 11 2019
  • Reviewed
  • Tunde Williams commented
    10 Apr 08:55pm

    I will have to realize another project with Wordpress just because there is no way to integrate Twint into webflow. @webflow team: Any Update on this?

  • Valentin Thalmann commented
    4 Feb 02:46pm

    @webflow team: Hey any update on Twint?

  • Matteo Stadler commented
    21 Sep, 2022 08:21am
    We really need a way to offer TWINT in Switzerland. That would make Webflow much more attractive in Switzerland. Many of our customers want a TWINT solution.

    Please we need this
  • Xav commented
    1 Jun, 2022 06:47pm


    Webflow would gain so much money and attract loads of new customers to their platform, just by adding a Twint plugin.

    Here is the link Webflow, please add this:

  • Abdul-Rahman Abbas commented
    10 May, 2022 09:24pm

    Please add for European users.

  • Zoran Rnjakovic commented
    4 Apr, 2022 08:01am


    Twint is very important for us in Switzerland. It is very difficult to convince our customers to switch to webflow if this option is not available. Please can you answer us and tell us if a Twint integration is planned in the future and if a temporary solution exists?

  • Ronald Edwards commented
    18 Mar, 2022 04:30pm

    Huuuuuge need... Again I'm having a customer that counts on having TWINT as payment option and this project will again not be done with Webflow. It is a huge killer for Webflow in Switzerland at the moment!!!

  • Ronald Edwards commented
    14 Feb, 2022 06:06pm

    We need Twint in Switzerland… this now has been a killer for over 5 projects!!!

  • Itelium commented
    8 Feb, 2022 02:45pm

    TWINT! Please

  • Les Tontons commented
    26 Jan, 2022 11:01am

    Agree with the other Swiss folks here. We need Twint to convince most of our clients to go with Webflow.

    Strangely, Switzerland is way behind when it comes to banking for the everyday customer. Not everybody has a Mastercard or Visa card simply because they are not the default card you get when opening an account. If you do ask for one, there are fees left and right for obscure reasons.

  • Aasen commented
    11 Jan, 2022 11:52pm

    Give us Vipps

  • Studio Noue commented
    17 Nov, 2021 08:31am

    A must for Switzerland.

  • Uri Fleyder-Kotler commented
    12 Sep, 2021 10:51pm

    I would love to have an integration with Paddle as my preferred payment gateway.

  • Aleena Martin commented
    24 Jul, 2021 08:06am

    I want to add it payments option to my eCommerce website which is about 3 ply mask buyers can you check it and let me know how to start?

  • Alessandro Kneubuehl commented
    16 Jul, 2021 09:53am

    Hello Webflow,

    by far Webflow is my weapon of choice when it comes to WebDesign so for. Unfortunatly i miss (too) many opportunities to do my Clients projects with webflow. The reason is simple, they requiere TWINT as payment gateway. By the way i'm based in Switzerland, known as the Nation of Banks.
    So, i beg you guys for a API Plugin for TWINT. And if business is your thing, think twice about those numbers.

    Kind regards, your
    Alessandro (Switzerland)

  • Carlos Mera commented
    5 May, 2021 06:46pm

    South America please!!! I know there are options setting up an LLC with Stripe but it's so much of a hassle for most clients that Webflow Ecommerce is sadly not a viable option for clients in South America yet!

  • Erwan Demenga commented
    9 Feb, 2021 09:55am

    That would be wonderful !

  • Obed Tewes commented
    28 Oct, 2020 11:39am

    if only :)

  • Stefan Jäger commented
    6 Aug, 2020 11:29am

    Hi, i love webflow and it's possibilities. But we need more Payment options for Switzerland. The famous one here is TWINT as an mobile solution. Please - they support almost every other developer-Tools:
    We need that!

  • Alex Saiz Verdaguer commented
    24 Mar, 2020 07:11pm

    Adding MONEI here. As they are way cheaper and much flexible than Stripe

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