Ability to edit/customize E-commerce slug www.example.com/product

It would be great if the slug "/product" could be customized, e.g. into www.example.com/shop and different categories eg. /example1, /example2, etc

  • Zupagrafika Publishing
  • Nov 5 2019
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  • Nikola Agatonovic commented
    28 Mar 07:25pm

    When is this going to be allowed? In multi-language or non-English websites, this is very important. There is a field for URL edit so why it is not allowing the change?

  • Šikulio commented
    17 Jan 07:52am

    Me and my team have spent hours on our website URL structure just to find out that I "Cannot rename slug for ecommerce collections".

    Very bad for SEO and product perception at all.

    We need to customize the PRODUCTS and CATEGORY slug!

  • Céline commented
    17 Nov, 2023 01:53pm

    I created a whole ecommerce template, and figured out the category link isn't the one I needed. So I can't use the category template page as my shop page which is VERY anoying and means I'll have to redo the whole thing site only because of ONE wrong URL that had been set up in the very begining...

  • Thomas Morgan commented
    27 Aug, 2023 10:44pm

    100%! This is a needed feature.

  • Rory Lawrence commented
    9 Aug, 2023 12:42pm

    The ability to change the slug to '/events' and a have template product for EVENTS tickets would be great a bonus – lot's of organisations organise events and currently rely on Eventbrite etc. Not least the other possibilities for customising the products & slugs.

  • Alex commented
    17 Mar, 2023 02:10am

    Need This Asap!

  • Nathan commented
    22 Feb, 2023 09:57pm

    What's the ETA on this one?

  • Alex commented
    19 Jan, 2023 01:34pm

    SEO wise it's absolutely a must. Especially if you need to change it in multiple languages.

  • Leo Stratus commented
    28 Dec, 2022 10:37pm

    It's wild to me that I can't change this. Extremely frustrating when I don't use the ecommerce functionality and want to use 'category' as the slug for my blog posts/articles.

  • Anita T commented
    19 Dec, 2022 03:09am

    This is absolutely critical for SEO. You say your product is designed for marketers, but this is designed for brand managers not marketers. A digital marketer knows how critical this is to a business, and this needs to be adjusted. Eg. some clients may need their url to be /service, not /product.

  • Jakub Kittler commented
    8 Oct, 2022 05:53pm

    This should be implemented ASAP

  • James commented
    2 Oct, 2022 03:50pm

    What about multi-lingual websites? It needs to be done quickly!

  • Alberto commented
    2 Oct, 2022 10:54am

    Please do it!!

  • Alex commented
    30 Sep, 2022 12:50pm

    Why can I change the collections urls but not the ecommerce ones? Kinda frustrating

  • Giannino Trollino commented
    30 Sep, 2022 12:45pm

    Really important. Needs to be done

  • Oliviero Taleghani commented
    27 Sep, 2022 06:50am

    Extremely important for websites that are not in English. Required for SEO. Important for websites transfers. Very strange that you can modify without problems the CMS collections slugs but not the e-commerce ones.

  • Niko Pajatsalo commented
    28 Aug, 2022 10:47am

    This need to be done! It's 2022 and Webflow is growing with customers all over the world. We need this to improve SEO and UI etc!

  • Joyjet Agency commented
    20 Apr, 2022 02:00pm

    100% required to enhance SEO.

  • Rjukan Events commented
    14 Dec, 2021 02:51pm


  • Tom Korth commented
    10 Sep, 2021 10:06am

    Thats really needed!!!!
    The "old" URL of my client had a SEO ranking on number 1.
    To change the URL because im not able to edit the slug gave my client a huge decrease in his SEO ranking.... (even if I did 301 redirects of course)

    My client is mad af

    Would be awesome to have the ability to change that in the future.

    Or just even to use the "product" slug in my clients native language.

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