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Add Tablet Landscape View Option Merged

Why? Because changing 991 to 1024 every time I download code for device testing is annoying and very tedious. Plus, not everything fits, especially down arrows and Text Headings, which have a tendency to go too low in LandScape Tablet Mode, causing them to disappear.

Lots of tweaking required, which includes creating 2 arrows and 2 Text Headings. A separate one for Portrait and a Separate One for LandScape plus on/off switches for each of them created by adding a new MediaQuery Landscape measurement i.e. 1024 x 768.

Also, Tablet Landscape Mode (1024 x 768) is not the same as a Laptop. When I tilt my iPad, I get the Desktop/Laptop version. I want to view the Landscape Tablet Mode in the iPad with a Menu button in the corner.

991 x 768 shows the Desktop/Laptop version in my iPad in Landscape Mode and no Menu button in the corner. Changing 991 to 1024 with a Code Editor solves that problem.

  • Imran Haroon
  • Jan 27 2017