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Publish and Preview Shortcut Keys on left side of keyboard for Merged

As shortcut keys are often on the left side of the keyboard for ease of use, i.e.

ctrl + z - undo

ctrl + shift + z - redo

ctrl + x - cut

ctrl + c - copy

ctrl + v - paste

(windows key) + d - view desktop

alt + tab - change window

shift + a (symbols)


the list goes on and on - but the left hand is always resting to the left of the keyboard

preview and publish are probably the two next most frequently used shortcuts but they are over to the right of the keyboard making them awkward to use. how about these key combinations?

ctrl + q - bring up publish dialogue

ctrl + q - pressed twice would publish live

ctrl + w - preview toggle

ctrl + e - export (this already exists)


and how about this also to add a class to an element

alt + c


i know it's nothing too critical but it would make the design process smoother, easier and user friendly

  • Diarmuid Sexton
  • Jan 27 2017