Unlimited nesting of collection lists

Dear WebFlow, thank you for implementing nested collection lists!

Please do allow unlimited or less limited number of nested collection lists.

  • Shahar Or
  • Apr 28 2020
  • Sant Mote commented
    23 Sep 07:44

    Very disappointed to discover this limit. We need the ability to nest multiple collections with unlimited number of nested items.

  • Natalie Sulpizio commented
    18 Sep 18:58

    the new limit of 5 is still way too limiting! please up the number.

  • Glenn Eastland commented
    11 Sep 09:58

    The current limit of 1 nested item per page is a serious limitation. Right now achieving a similar result, after one is already present, requires cumbersome filtered Collections. Webflow CMS needs to be enhanced ASAP to allow multiple Nested Collections.

  • Juan Jesús Millo commented
    19 Aug 17:47

    I need this so much, at least 15-20 :(

  • TRUE commented
    13 Aug 14:15

    Useless to me with a 5 item limit. I spent all that time setting things up, and more time finding out why my display was 'broken'! I have 7 items max. Well can you imagine how annoyed I feel!!! What mad you think 5 is a good limit to have!?!?! USELESS!

  • Charles commented
    08 Jul 13:26

    I agree that 10 items instead of 5 would increase the possible use cases. I have a website with sometimes more than 5 autors by item and I am blocked by this limitation.

  • Anton Vorster commented
    04 Jun 12:25

    This limitation literaly made me cry today, why so low? I spent 2 days with a concept only to stumble upon this limitation 😓

  • Motive commented
    02 Jun 08:49

    I think 10 items will increase many more possible use cases. Or at least allow data from multi field option to be extracted so we can come up with custom solutions.

  • Stanford HIL commented
    31 May 09:05

    I agree. The limit of 5 elements significantly reduces the possible use cases for the feature.

  • Michael Auer commented
    24 May 09:50

    Can't use it as a Slider with only 5!!!!!!!! items. stupid!

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