Increase Number of Nested Collection Lists Per Page

Currently, only one Collection List can be nested per page - would be great to increase this limit. Thanks!

  • Craig Brideson
  • Jul 2 2020
  • Reviewed
  • JasonW commented
    22 Nov 02:53am

    Need this for really any more dynamic site without having to do janky workarounds

  • Ivo van Willigen commented
    18 Nov 09:09am

    The absence of this pointless limitation just made my life a lot harder >:(

  • Thomas commented
    7 Nov 11:14am

    A brand new Mercedes with a broken engine of my sons kettcar, that is what webflow delivers in respect of layout and datamodeling. Its a shame.

  • Gabriel Marusca commented
    26 Sep 10:25am

    First CMS project for a restaurant, and I encounter this limitation.

  • Guest commented
    8 Sep 06:45am

    I really love this song. It reminds me of my hometown.

  • Nathan Lenkowski commented
    29 Aug 10:39am

    Oof. On my first Webflow project for a client and am running into one frustrating limitation after another. This one takes the cake though!

    I have a collection of blog posts with two multi-reference fields (authors and tags). I want to display both fields on the posts, but can only add one before I hit this crazy limitation.

    This issue should have top priority 🔥

  • Glovox Producciones commented
    25 Aug 10:04pm

    I cannot believe this issue exists. It sounds so simple yet it cant be done. Please add this feature asap because i dont know how to solve this issue.

  • Simon Smallchua commented
    19 Jul 08:36am

    If Webflow increased this limit, even a little bit, to say 10/page, it would absolutely dominate the internet. Instead it's just bloody limiting. I'm sure it's a massive technical challenge, especially at scale, but important nonetheless

  • Andrew Bond commented
    18 Jul 08:02pm

    Again i am shocked by webflow limiting items. Every single time i go to build something i find your limitations quickly. Starting to look for alternatives that don't limit the product at every turn.

  • Benjamin Prigent commented
    14 Jun 06:34pm

    Please we need this!!

  • Lorin Atzberger commented
    14 Jun 04:10pm

    This is badly needed. Worst of all, the limitation is not documented and you have to randomly hit it after you figure out how to design your website around the limitations of the CMS system.

  • Alan Alston commented
    17 May 12:37pm

    At least make it an even number! I mostly pull images to display in a grid as I'm sure you know the 12 column grid and, well, 12 is not dividable by 5. Not even close.

  • Lennart Hennig commented
    15 Apr 09:13pm

    Come on! We need this, why is there no comment on this from staff?

  • Liz Hixson commented
    3 Apr 11:53am

    This limitation is incredibly inconvenient!

  • Tim Hansen commented
    16 Mar 10:55pm

    I'm dying here. Please help me add more than 5!

  • Pili Fernandez-Davila commented
    25 Feb 10:37pm

    People have been asking for this for a long time. It's crucial functionality for most dynamic sites. How come it's still under review. It's been almost 2 years!!!

  • Pavel commented
    25 Feb 04:54pm

    Absolutely a must!

  • Ronan Furuta commented
    16 Feb 06:04pm

    This makes it really difficult to build more complex sites. It's hard to reccomend Webflow to larger customers with this limit.

  • Mate Raspovic commented
    14 Feb 12:26pm

    Very limiting and frustrating

  • Erik Runbeck commented
    8 Feb 10:03pm


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