Increase Number of Nested Collection Lists Per Page

Currently, only one Collection List can be nested per page - would be great to increase this limit. Thanks!

  • Craig Brideson
  • Jul 2 2020
  • Reviewed
  • Lonnie Kuhn commented
    29 Nov 10:25am

    Simulate multiple nested Collections on a single page in your Webflow project. ... use Nest to simulate as many nested Collections as you'd like.

  • Nosa Igbinedion commented
    25 Nov 03:45pm

    Yes! We need this!!

  • Adlips Design Bureau commented
    13 Nov 05:13pm


  • Szymon Zurek commented
    9 Nov 11:08pm

    Still just "Reviewed"? Please Webflow. This is so basic...

  • Ada commented
    8 Nov 03:35pm

    We really need this feature!!!

  • Sara Parish commented
    26 Oct 11:49am

    Thank you for the explanation. It is clear for me.

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  • Sara Parish commented
    23 Oct 11:27am

    Thank you for the explanation. It is clear for me.

  • Jasiah Guillermo commented
    21 Oct 09:12am

    Thanks for the information, I will try to figure it out for more. Keep sharing such informative post.


  • Franklin Mamvoula commented
    29 Sep 06:34pm

    Thank you for this amazing product. Hopefully you guys will take all these votes for what they are: a frustration due to the high expectations that Webflow has set. We know there is a lot more features coming.

    As you know many of us are Dev or Designers who know exactly what to expect from this type of product. That's why some functionalities that seem basic to us, are causing so much frustration when they are missing.

    Hope to get some good news very soon. Keep up the good work.

  • Luke Prater commented
    15 Sep 02:51pm

    I've run into this twice in the past week and it seems totally arbitrary that only 1 nested collection is allowed per page. Are you going to release this functionality as a higher payment tier like ecommerce? If so, shutup and take my money. It's time for multiple nested collections to be a thing.

  • Jan Machač commented
    15 Sep 11:21am

    When can we expact this feature to be implemented? Thx

  • Guillaume Langlois commented
    14 Sep 10:07pm

    I intented to base my website localization strategy on multiply nested collections, but there you go, that's a limitation I hadn't foreseen. Please add multi nest feature!

  • Jang Dong commented
    10 Sep 03:57am

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  • Dhawal Nay commented
    12 Aug 06:24am

    Multiple nesting is essential. Finsweet have created a hack last year. Keen to hear through from the Webflow team.

  • Mark Snyder commented
    22 Jul 11:19am

    You cannot have more than 1 nested Collection List on a single page. I'm new to Webflow and trying to get the hang of things.

  • Mark Snyder commented
    22 Jul 11:18am

    You cannot have more than 1 nested Collection List on a single page. I'm new to Webflow and trying to get the hang of things.

  • James Soja commented
    15 Jul 11:44am

    Hi, I am a photographer and I think other photographers would love Webflow, but only if you fix this issue. For me I have galleries with up to 100 images and using CMS is critical. Please tell me will this be fixed soon. Otherwise, like many other people I will have to find another option, even after spending so much time learning how to use Webflow. Please fix this!

  • Lisa Lewis commented
    5 Jul 09:16am

    we can do all kinds of things to impact performance, don't hide our freaking data — especially when the only warning that nested collections won't display more than 5 items is a small, un-emphasized warning in the settings pane.

  • Sean Tubridy commented
    10 Jun 04:40pm

    I'm really getting frustrated that this has not been addressed. Using multiple individual reference fields and building out that structure on a page for each one is both tedious and silly since there is a perfectly good multi-reference field that is hampered.

    Webflow, I get that you don't want people to have thousands of items on their pages, but if they do then they suffer the consequences or you bill them more for their plan.

    Don't punish some users because of what some other users might do. I only have about 50 items that reference about 50 other items in another container and yet I can't categorize them with multiple nested lists on one page because someone else might go overboard? That's just a bad business plan.

  • Alex Vasylenko commented
    4 Jun 11:18am

    Why is it still an issue? When it will be changed?

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