Increase Number of Nested Collection Lists Per Page

Currently, only one Collection List can be nested per page - would be great to increase this limit. Thanks!

  • Craig Brideson
  • Jul 2 2020
  • Reviewed
  • Hari Prasath commented
    3 Mar 08:06am

    This is incredibly limiting. I really hoped after these many years of complaining Webflow would have gotten to this by this point.

  • Davi Nunes commented
    28 Feb 09:15pm


  • Mario P. commented
    12 Feb 03:04am

    To have more than one collection item is a must.

  • Илья commented
    2 Feb 11:23am

    Will you give some kind of answer to this request?

  • David Wood commented
    1 Feb 05:57pm

    Need this feature badly. Please add ASAP and lift the 5-item limit on the current nested collection.

  • Hovhannes Sahakyan commented
    30 Jan 06:51pm

    Super important think to scale product

  • Rheed MacPherson commented
    26 Jan 01:35am

    Any timeline on this?

  • David Navratil commented
    15 Jan 11:38pm

    One of the worst limitations in working with CMS.

  • Daniel Garcia Paris commented
    11 Jan 04:27pm

    Please, this is a must.

  • Tyler Mills commented
    11 Jan 04:01am

    It's possible this is taking so long because Webflow's schema doesn't support arrays/lists so they'd have to make fundamental data model changes.

  • Tyler Mills commented
    11 Jan 03:58am

    This seems like core functionality...

  • Sébastien Plisson commented
    4 Jan 12:04pm

    This is really needed to build robust magazine / blog layout

  • Daniel Graaf commented
    2 Jan 01:45pm

    @Webflow, is there any update on this? What's going on.

  • Josh Coleman commented
    15 Dec, 2022 06:29pm

    I guess we're just yelling at the sky now, but I also have this problem. Very limiting and concerning that there's no official response here after years.

  • JasonW commented
    22 Nov, 2022 02:53am

    Need this for really any more dynamic site without having to do janky workarounds

  • Ivo van Willigen commented
    18 Nov, 2022 09:09am

    The absence of this pointless limitation just made my life a lot harder >:(

  • Thomas commented
    7 Nov, 2022 11:14am

    A brand new Mercedes with a broken engine of my sons kettcar, that is what webflow delivers in respect of layout and datamodeling. Its a shame.

  • Gabriel Marusca commented
    26 Sep, 2022 10:25am

    First CMS project for a restaurant, and I encounter this limitation.

  • Guest commented
    8 Sep, 2022 06:45am

    I really love this song. It reminds me of my hometown.

  • Nathan Lenkowski commented
    29 Aug, 2022 10:39am

    Oof. On my first Webflow project for a client and am running into one frustrating limitation after another. This one takes the cake though!

    I have a collection of blog posts with two multi-reference fields (authors and tags). I want to display both fields on the posts, but can only add one before I hit this crazy limitation.

    This issue should have top priority 🔥

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