Increase Number of Nested Collection Lists Per Page

Currently, only one Collection List can be nested per page - would be great to increase this limit. Thanks!

  • Craig Brideson
  • Jul 2 2020
  • Reviewed
  • Bryan Langdon commented
    30 Nov 08:12pm

    5!??! 5 is really low. More needed

  • Benjamin Davis commented
    29 Nov 07:36am

    Sweet baby Jesus please bring us multiple nested collections. Such a pain point for me.

  • Jeff Berube commented
    13 Nov 06:14pm

    Here's a recent project I could have used 3 levels of nesting: Sawmill produces lumber in various grades. Each grade is produced in various sizes (2x4, 2x6, etc) and each sizes comes in various lengths (8', 10', 12', etc). The CMS schema to do this requires 3 tables:

    1. Grades table

    2. Sizes table that has a column referencing the Grades table. One grade can one or more Sizes row. Number of sizes per grades vary.

    3. Lengths table that has a column referencing the Sizes table. One size can have or more lengths. Number of lengths per sizes vary.

    As you can imagine, this is a nightmare to accomplish in CMS collections, yet something that is fairly mundane in nature when talking about any business that sells products in various grades and dimensions.

  • Jeff Berube commented
    13 Nov 05:56pm

    Just completed another site where I could have used this feature badly instead of using javascript hacks to get do extra queries on the collections. At $49 USD a month for a business hosting plan, this shouldn't even be an issue.

  • Jess H commented
    2 Nov 05:49pm

    I LOVE the CMS system, but having to do janky workarounds to make this work, does not work. Definitely a huge missed opportunity for so many people and Webflow. Please allow us to nest more than one collection list.

  • Simon Englert commented
    12 Oct 08:15pm

    I'm close to leaving Webflow for this. How in the world is this still not a thing? The workarounds prove that it doesent impact performance.

  • Pedro Mejia commented
    14 Sep 08:42pm

    Please! Check increase

  • Celia F commented
    24 Aug 01:07am

    Please increase the limit!

  • Wollongong Design commented
    17 Aug 02:33am

    Please webflow - if you want us to support you, we need flexibility!

  • Ben Bowden commented
    7 Aug 02:41am

    Ran into this issue just now. We were going to replace a lot of our site with Webflow and now I'm second guessing the decision. Really need to be able to have multiple nested collections on each page.

  • Nathan Lenkowski commented
    29 Jun 12:34pm

    This severely limits the usefulness of collections. It should be a priority.

  • Linda Kim commented
    21 Jun 05:51am

    Please Increase!

  • Alexander Engl commented
    6 Jun 07:34pm

    Why is this even a limitation? seams weird...

  • Jeff Berube commented
    8 May 04:34am

    Can we please get an update on this? This is sorely needed. If you can't do it, at least explain to us why.

  • Aaron Byrum commented
    19 Apr 05:43pm

    It's baffling that this hasn't been solved yet. Why build out logic when this is, in my opinion, much more needed. These limitations are debilitating.

  • Adriano Resende commented
    10 Apr 02:59pm

    It's possible this is taking so long because Webflow's schema doesn't support arrays/lists so they'd have to make fundamental data model changes. [2]

    This mean that the model is not scale, the same the language jQuery and doesn't JS Vanila that disruption to new features.
    Have a new competitor high technology? :eyes:

  • Hari Prasath commented
    3 Mar 08:06am

    This is incredibly limiting. I really hoped after these many years of complaining Webflow would have gotten to this by this point.

  • Davi Nunes commented
    28 Feb 09:15pm


  • Mario P. commented
    12 Feb 03:04am

    To have more than one collection item is a must.

  • Илья commented
    2 Feb 11:23am

    Will you give some kind of answer to this request?

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