Ability to modify styles directly from Style Manager

So it's easier and faster to modify elements across class and sub classes.

  • Pascal Olivet
  • Feb 2 2017
  • Dan Dawson commented
    9 Apr, 2019 08:58pm

    I would add that the Style manager make a link available to see the style on the page. Would help a ton when coming in mid-way through a project.

  • Johnny Liabø commented
    29 Jul, 2018 09:59pm

    Should be grouped with this topic.

  • Anna Timm commented
    3 Apr, 2018 09:01am

    Yes, please. Like this: Clicking on a style in style manager opens a popup text field with the editable CSS code for this style. 


    I'm just a beginner and thought *this* was the point of the style manager. I'm surprised it does not work and I'm slightly puzzled what use of the manager is anyway. Nothing happens o_O

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