GDPR Cookie solution & manager

Style-able overlay with options to add remove cookies etc....

  • Marcus Perezi-Tormos
  • Oct 1 2020
  • Garrett Reil commented
    15 Jan 02:22pm

    Still wondering ...

    Should these not be combined?

    Thank you

  • Patrick Stapleton commented
    8 Jan 04:15pm

    This is so urgent! I'm loving Webflow but it's dissapointing that it doesn't have something like this already!

  • Colton Schweitzer commented
    3 Dec, 2020 10:10pm

    This needs to be default functionality. I find it frustrating that I have to pay an external service to pop up a message about information that I've already inputted into Webflow. It's default functionality in Squarespace and Wix. Please make this happen ASAP.

  • Garrett Reil commented
    3 Dec, 2020 01:52pm
  • John Merritt commented
    3 Nov, 2020 04:05pm

    Thanks for your work! It helps me a lot in my work on a resource for essay rewriter. Often the lack of this feature discouraged clients who seek their anonymity.

  • Bruno Araujo commented
    3 Nov, 2020 10:40am

    This is a great advice. I want someone to approve my idea with a different types of essays. It would be useful for all.

  • Jana commented
    21 Oct, 2020 11:25am

    yes, please! I have several clients in Europe and we need better GDPR conform solutions, including a cookie consent with the option to opt out!

  • Buziness Bytes commented
    4 Oct, 2020 06:22am

    Okay! Thank you for this info.

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