Cookie Management and Cookie Opt-In for EU Customers

Sites that use cookies have special rules in the EU, and having built in Cookie management would be very helpful to comply with specific EU regulations.

  • Dave Sloane
  • Feb 7 2017
  • Pascal Olivet commented
    February 07, 2017 10:44

    YES! Very Important to have that in Europe.

  • Frederic Le Paumier commented
    February 07, 2017 12:29

    Hi. This is not an option anymore in Europe. This feature is a rule. Here is a link made in Google ( If you integrate a contact form inside a website, you need a SSL certificate. If you integrate social buttons, a Google Map or Analytics tools you have to use an "Impressum" and a cookies info banner. If you don't, your clients can be attacked and have to pay 300 € pro plaintiff. Please, insert this feature to Webflow. This would make our work easier and more safe.

  • Daniel Maier commented
    April 03, 2018 09:02

    Thumbs Up!


    This is a must have now in EU, best with a "opt out" setting

  • Kjell Ruben S. commented
    April 07, 2018 15:35

    This would be great. Lets add a few functions

    • Choose how many times an IP sees the message until they don't see it again. 0-X (good for popup signups)
    • Choose how long time until next time that IP sees the message.1h - 365 days - never again (good for cookie banner and other popups)
    • It should of course be styled and animated inside the webflow designer. 
  • Sasha Belyaev commented
    June 15, 2018 05:37

    I cannot stress enough how important this functionality is. Webflow needs to address this as soon as possible.

  • Martin Málek commented
    June 19, 2018 02:53

    Oh please! This is must...

  • Dmitry Ra commented
    June 29, 2018 11:07

    This is super needed! We shouldn't pay additional money for various cookies services, this is a mandatory feature

  • Christian Nahas commented
    July 04, 2018 22:18

    I can't offer Webflow to my European clients until this is available.

  • Kjell Ruben S. commented
    August 06, 2018 20:17

    This would be incredible if we could be able to make a cookie manager. Similar to what these are making:

  • Daniela S. Nassetti commented
    August 21, 2018 02:01

    Yes, this is definitely a must :)

  • Wolfgang meschek commented
    October 13, 2018 09:21

    Please add this functionality :)

  • Mag. Kurt Kaufmann commented
    December 05, 2018 17:10

    ASAP Please

  • Florey Ri commented
    15 Feb 11:09

    an absolute most, we cant consider a tool like this without having the ability to put cookie scanning (whats on a site) and cookie management (turning off say analytics if its not wanted).

    For enterprises, I suggest being able to integrate tools like OneTrust. The hard part may be to wire it up to turn off and on stuff based on consent f (e.g. tracking tags like Matomo, or Google Analytics). I guess that can be done around custom code, if the analytics tag is in there, the consent tool can wrap that. Thats usually I think how its implemented. 

  • Universal Music Austria commented
    05 May 14:37

    This needs to be addressed as soon as possible cause GDPR laws in Europe require this.

  • Valentin Steber commented
    12 May 09:10

    This would be a HUGE deal for customers in europe. Because all are afraid to get a fine for a wrong setup of cookies.

  • Leonard Witteler commented
    25 Jun 07:51

    It's really surprising you don't have this yet.

  • Roland Wolf commented
    07 Aug 14:49

    …would be great!

  • Matteo Grand commented
    28 Oct 10:11

    This is a no-brainer. Needs to be a feature.

  • Michael Tillmann commented
    29 Nov 07:29

    Any news on this or a statement from webflow staff? 

    I read through a lot of forums regarding this topic and it feels like WF is ignoring the topic completely. Is it really so hard to implement?