Cookie Management and Cookie Opt-In for EU Customers

Sites that use cookies have special rules in the EU, and having built in Cookie management would be very helpful to comply with specific EU regulations.

  • Dave Sloane
  • Feb 7 2017
  • Kevin Larsen commented
    25 Nov, 2023 01:14pm

    Pretty much every EU customer needs this by law to manage consent, and we're all using 3rd party solutions for it.

  • Hoi Wong commented
    31 Oct, 2023 04:33am

    This will make creating new websites so much easier!

  • Gustavo Franco Herrera commented
    16 Jun, 2023 02:52pm

    Please make this happen

  • Kickass UX commented
    3 Dec, 2020 10:10pm
  • Tim Jones commented
    10 Nov, 2020 11:59am

    This is website 101 stuff - this also has a huge amount of up votes - listen to the customers

  • Steffi commented
    9 Oct, 2020 12:56pm

    Pleasssseee help us!!

  • Uptwo Werbeagentur commented
    6 Oct, 2020 12:28pm

    Any updates?

  • M Veltman commented
    22 Sep, 2020 09:04am

    Webflow guys, we need this please !

  • Henrik Rommerud commented
    18 Jun, 2020 06:58pm

    This would be a time and ache saver!!

  • Blå Design commented
    4 Jun, 2020 10:25am

    @Dave Sloane If possible add GDPR to the title so this wish is easier to find.

  • Simeon Zickert commented
    3 Jun, 2020 08:24am

    When is it planed to integrate a feature like this?

    it is substential in EU.

    maybe through a integration of another service like @iubenda

  • Garrett Reil commented
    26 May, 2020 09:35am

    Hard to conceive of why this is not seen as essential. Not a pro platform without it.

  • Johan Carlberger commented
    23 Apr, 2020 08:11am

    I agree - I'm really looking forward to cookie management support for us EU users. It's a pain having to either pay for 3rd party solutions when it could be integrated directly into webflow or create the pop-ups myself.

  • Nicolai Hemdrup commented
    2 Apr, 2020 07:57pm


  • Michael Tillmann commented
    29 Nov, 2019 07:29am

    Any news on this or a statement from webflow staff? 

    I read through a lot of forums regarding this topic and it feels like WF is ignoring the topic completely. Is it really so hard to implement?

  • Matteo Grand commented
    28 Oct, 2019 10:11am

    This is a no-brainer. Needs to be a feature.

  • Roland Wolf commented
    7 Aug, 2019 02:49pm

    …would be great!

  • Leonard Witteler commented
    25 Jun, 2019 07:51am

    It's really surprising you don't have this yet.

  • Valentin Steber commented
    12 May, 2019 09:10am

    This would be a HUGE deal for customers in europe. Because all are afraid to get a fine for a wrong setup of cookies.

  • Universal Music Austria commented
    5 May, 2019 02:37pm

    This needs to be addressed as soon as possible cause GDPR laws in Europe require this.

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