Increase the items limit of Nested Collection Lists (currently max 5 only!!!)

The Nested collection list function is super useful, but it is currently limited to 5 items.

It is actually fine and reasonable to have a limit, but not 5 only...

Webflow team, can you increase it to 20 or more?

Take a look at the comments here:

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  • Jan 29 2021
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  • Kieran commented
    12 Apr 03:24pm

    Just painful. Spending too much time on the frankly pathetic 'Logic' (which should be renamed to 'Form Only Logic') and not addressing restricting platform capabilities like this.

    Wasn't the big infrastructure update last year meant to allow for things like this to be solved or at least increased?

  • Ryan Crosbie commented
    15 Mar 08:56am


  • Red de Leon commented
    7 Mar 04:11pm

    Yeah I would love to see an increase in the nesting ability in general. I've taken over maintenance of a site where we have to join multiple collections just like any old relational database and we hit the limit right away.

    We have to create display variations of the joined collections and right now the client is being forced to decide on looking for temporary workarounds or rebuilding the site elsewhere, which would be a shame.

    I know there are some technical challenges with the custom data queries that would be required to do this kind of thing (caching and keeping the performance fast), but this really does need a solution asap since more and more Webflow users are looking to scale up the complexity of their sites, being that they're pretty happy with the service in general.


  • Neil Fellows commented
    2 Mar 02:30pm

    Oh PLEASE update this!! I'm trying to build a site for a client with CMS houses plotted onto a map, all great but they can only have x5 houses - I need 30! So frustrating :(

  • CFECFW commented
    8 Nov, 2022 04:18am

    This is an urgent request. It's almost not worth using Webflow without at least 10 items. Considering moving to a different platform.

  • Dane Crozier commented
    11 Oct, 2022 08:53pm

    Unfortunately I am one of the many who have run into this limitation after spending weeks on design, only to have to now consider drastically changing the product and workflow for myself and my client. Please increase this limit. It would be massively helpful.

  • Lennart Hennig commented
    22 Sep, 2022 12:43pm

    F**K me this is so frustrating and unnecessary. And the most frustrating part is that easily fixable wishes like these are ignored by the team. Please Webflow, fix this or at least respond!

  • Developer Account commented
    14 Sep, 2022 06:39pm

    Webflow please increase the limit. Please! This is very important feature and very useful. Please increase the limit. Other solutions are available but there are many steps to perform to achieve the results that I don't want to do.

  • Robin René Lindberg commented
    1 Sep, 2022 10:56am

    Im crying every day because of this limit. Still crying...

  • Chris St. Jacques commented
    15 Jul, 2022 06:08pm

    Any updates here? This is honestly one of the worst limitations from a product I have ever experienced. 5?! Really?

  • Josué David de la Vega Torres commented
    7 Jul, 2022 07:11pm

    Absolutely ridiculous to have that limitation.

  • Alan Alston commented
    17 May, 2022 12:36pm

    At least make it an even number! I mostly pull images to display in a grid as I'm sure you know the 12 column grid and, well, 12 is not dividable by 5. Not even close.

  • DART 301 commented
    3 May, 2022 08:20am

    oh my god please yes, what is this 5 item limitation? tomato tomato, dont want it, give us more

  • Glenn Eastland commented
    27 Apr, 2022 04:02pm

    Can we please sort this asap @Webflow

  • Scoutely SRM commented
    5 Apr, 2022 12:38pm

    Webflow those of us who think about nested collections also understand the risks regarding speed if we do crazy things with it.
    For the straight forward implementations it's a none issue,... do you have any timeline in the limit increase? Or when it will be considered?

  • Guest commented
    21 Feb, 2022 05:00am

    Thank you for sharing your valuable solution, it's work properly.

  • Creative Bastards commented
    3 Feb, 2022 09:29am

    Absolute must have! A Webfow staff member advised met to use this workaround in the meanwhile It's not ideal but until they release this feature you can get your project working!

  • Tobias Vollprecht commented
    19 Jan, 2022 09:47am


  • Dave Cruickshank commented
    15 Dec, 2021 05:51am

    This HAS to be an artificial limit (i.e. a limit intentionally imposed in the system). Why would the limit exist otherwise? Is it a for performance reasons? Either way, the 5 item limit is a bit ridiculous. I certainly can understand needing to cap it, but 5? Please increase.

  • Ryan Appleseed commented
    6 Dec, 2021 11:45pm

    I did so much work to get to the point where my site was functional. Then I discovered this glaring ridiculous issue. Please fix this.

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