Real time collaboration on a project

We often have several design changes that need to be made, and letting multiple designers access and make changes to the same project simultaneously would be incredibly valuable. 

  • Lynn Pausic
  • Jan 17 2017
  • Webflow Developer Talon.One commented
    23 Sep 14:31

    Yeah this is a very important feature that could save a lot of headaches.

  • Cristiano Pezzati commented
    23 Sep 09:57

    Glad to see this is a common problem! Webflow is already amazing as it is, but this could be the next level definitely!

  • Antoine Hanriat commented
    15 Sep 07:45

    Even only allowing working on different pages would be a game changer

  • Prashant Dagar commented
    04 Aug 21:55

    we need this

  • Jean Herelle commented
    30 Jul 14:56

    .... just not possible

  • Graham Smith commented
    09 Jul 18:50

    I do all my projects as part of a 2 person team, so not being able to simultaneously collaborate is a massive hurdle. This is far and away the most significant feature that Webflow is missing

  • Pedro Mendes commented
    26 Jun 09:26

    This feature would add imense value to the webflow product.
    It provides flexibility and scalability to larger teams, which in turn would be more willing to subscribe to the enterprise account.

  • Naphtali Marshall commented
    02 Jun 15:01

    Just another comment to emphasize the need for this feature. Love Webflow and the team behind it!

  • Vladimir Lugovsky commented
    28 May 17:14

    For anyone interested, we have found a solution how to partially achieve this until this available in Webflow. Here's an article

  • Martin Bach commented
    22 May 16:07

    This is a key feature. We hesitate to recommend Webflow to our 50+ portfolio companies because you can't work on a project simultaneously, publish your changes without loosing the changes of the collaborator.

  • Tom Eriksen commented
    19 May 11:54

    This is a dealbreaker


  • Ben Morris commented
    12 May 13:15

    Hi guys, I love webflow and just sorted us out with the team plan on the premise that we could have multiple collaborators in the designer view. I also had to do a load of admin to get our personal and team accounts tidied up and sites transferred etc. Could you give us an update as to how high up on your roadmap this is and when it's likely to land? Please!?

  • Christopher Tammar commented
    23 Mar 18:44

    My team needs this feature so bad!

  • Gergely Hangyas commented
    18 Feb 12:27

    Somehow we managed with a fellow designer to work parallel on the same project for ca. 3 hours. Suddenly the magic has disappeared unfortunately, could not reproduce after. Not sure how much is this a rare workaround that we accidentally run into.

    I hope this is something that will be possible soon though. This "team plan" naming is  pretty much misleading, we need to reconsider our website migration roadmap because the lack of version control/collaboration. 

  • Daniel Annbjer commented
    02 Feb 11:00

    +3 for this feature. I was just about to get on the teamplan with my collaborator figuring multiplayer (like Figma) was naturally included, but later found out it’s not that way at all...what a bummer! I love Webflow and it’s potential, but not allowing real-time full edit collaboration is a bit backwards for a company that is so innovative. Please unleash multiplayer now so we can collaborate freely!

  • Prehired Marketing commented
    December 11, 2019 06:08

    +1 Let's get this feature!

  • Austin Mullins commented
    December 11, 2019 06:04

    Very important, and I echo the sentiment below that we signed up for a team plan very much thinking this was already a feature. Copy is unclear.

  • Jake Spirek commented
    November 14, 2019 00:42

    It's 2019. Figma has incredible multi-editor capabilities. Everyone is completely used to how Google Docs works. 


    At the very least, editors should be able to edit a page at the same time without overriding each others' edits with no warning. At the very very least, it should give a warning that someone else is in there editing. A step up would be to make it so someone else can't try to edit the same thing that someone else is editing and give some sort of visual indication.


    And don't get me started on the fact that you can't have 2 designers in the same project at the same time. I love Webflow, but it really really needs some help for multiple users. 

  • Jake Spirek commented
    November 14, 2019 00:27

    This is such a big deal!!

  • Wout Helsmoortel commented
    October 19, 2019 10:47

    About time this is implemented. In our agency we now have to ask on Slack "are you in webflow? can I use the next hour do some work?" it makes no sense at all.

    Why is this taking so long? We're on a point where we want to switch to different software altogether.

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