Ability to schedule publishing content

Would be very useful to schedule publishing blog posts

  • Sameer Sontakey
  • Jan 17 2017
  • Shipped
  • May 5, 2020

    Admin response

    Good news! The ability to schedule collection items is now LIVE! Read all about it.

  • Mission Marketing commented
    5 May, 2020 04:44pm

    This is awesome!!! Great work getting this feature out, thank you thank you thank you!!! :)

  • Amber Reyngoudt commented
    30 Apr, 2020 05:15pm

    When will this be release?

  • Chaya Soggot commented
    13 Apr, 2020 10:54pm

    please add

  • Darin Evangelista commented
    25 Mar, 2020 11:40pm

    I can't believe we are still waiting for this...

  • Ally Fortis commented
    19 Feb, 2020 09:49am

    2020 and we are still waiting for this

  • Tom Sommerseth commented
    11 Feb, 2020 08:43pm


  • Mariia Kulida commented
    25 Dec, 2019 09:47pm

    really needed!

  • Gertie commented
    25 Nov, 2019 07:42pm

    Yes this needs to happen, can't believe it's not available already, to be honest. 

  • Alastair Budge commented
    3 Oct, 2019 08:27am

    Has anyone managed to find a workaround for this, e.g. using Zapier?

    https://zapier.com/apps/webflow/integrations -> only allows you to 'update' an item, and I can't see there how you can change a status to 'published' or similar.

  • Vesper Sinclair commented
    1 Oct, 2019 04:33am

    Must-have feature!

  • Alec Sukoski commented
    17 Sep, 2019 04:49pm

    The only thing preventing our company from using webflow for our blog.

  • Brent Hegnauer commented
    7 Aug, 2019 03:17pm

    This is needed very badly. Many clients asking for this.

  • Benjamin Bachman commented
    24 Jul, 2019 02:52pm

    How is this not a thing?

  • Mitch Wallace commented
    30 Jun, 2019 10:37pm

    Is this in the works? It looks like it's been on the wishlist for a long time. I'm switching over from Wordpress and this feature is pivotal and not having it is making me reconsider and look at other options (ie. Squarespace). 

  • Jaclyn Weissman commented
    13 Jun, 2019 03:45pm

    Chiming in to vote on this as well! 100% need this feature.

  • Taulant Balla commented
    13 Jun, 2019 01:12pm

    +1 - We are using Webflow for Blog and need this feature for our content writers. 

  • Ryan Coughlin commented
    20 May, 2019 04:32am

    This function would be amazing.

  • Kevin Palombo commented
    3 Feb, 2019 08:28am

    +3 Needed :-)

  • Sam Fielding commented
    8 Jan, 2019 10:20am


    Today at StoryChief we launched our Webflow integration. StoryChief allows users to create content, schedule when it will be published to Webflow or any other platform, and much more. I hope that it will be of interest to everyone. 

    Find out more about this integration and StoryChief at the link below: 


  • Rob Kershaw commented
    3 Jan, 2019 06:45pm

    Now that pagination is done, I really this can be looked at soon... :)

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