More display options for variant buttons

Now that we have them, it'd be great to be able to style variant buttons with different colors, background images, and more to create more custom add-to-cart experiences.

This would allow for color or texture swatches and more ways to display variant options of a product.

  • Webflow Admin
  • Sep 29 2021
  • Reviewed
  • Pablo Lopez commented
    21 Oct 12:40pm

    Has this feature been shipped? When will we be able to benefit from this? Hopefully sooner, than later (;

  • Pablo Lopez commented
    21 Oct 12:38pm

    Yes! Yes! Yes! Please, please make this happen!!!

  • Joseph Amato commented
    30 Sep 07:59pm

    Yeah, all my friends make fun of me because my variant buttons aren't customizable.

  • Alex Epstein commented
    30 Sep 07:58am

    This would be a massive upgrade for eCommerce shops with variations other than simple colors/sizes. Would love to see this implemented and I know I can’t be the only one that sees the potential here. Thanks Webflow team for all you do!

  • Kaleb - Flow Gurus commented
    29 Sep 09:09pm

    Thanks Webflow team :)

  • Kaleb - Flow Gurus commented
    29 Sep 08:53pm


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