Alternative to Google captcha

Hello the Webflow team,

I would like to be able to use a captcha with GDPR compliance and a dedicated data centers in EU. I found Friendly Captcha, a german captcha solution.

To integrate this solution to your website, you need to have access to the back-end which is not possible with Webflow. I've been in contact with the Friendly Captcha team and they recommand a native integration.

Something maybe to consider ?

Here is the message from the Friendly Captcha team :
(I don't work for them)

"In my opinion the best solution would be a native Friendly Captcha integration. You could ask the Webflow team to create such an integration for its European (and of course also worldwide) user base.
What we could offer you and the Webflow team is our own developers’ time and passion to create a fully functional, user-friendly and GDPR compliant Friendly Captcha integration for their software platform.

Please keep us in the loop if you know more from the Webflow team!"

  • Steffi Marie
  • Oct 20 2021
  • Reviewed