Add "Rename assets" functionality

Please enable a "rename assets" functionality. From the field: It costs a huge amount of time to replace images after copying a site just to change the file names!

Unfortunately, not all the desired features were included in! Please do NOT close a wishlist if not all wishes have been considered (o;

Many thanks in advance!

  • Christian Renner
  • Nov 22 2021
  • Visslan Compliance commented
    3 Nov, 2023 08:51am

    Such a simple thing, yet so frustrating! I'm working on a project that had poor asset management in the past. My job is to fix it, which would be so much easier if I could rename assets (and of course automatically rename references to said assets).

    Very poor that the previous wishlist (with 4000 votes and counting) was marked as resolved when this important feature was not included.

  • Brahim Sliti commented
    22 May, 2023 05:43pm

    Hey Christian Renner! 👋

    I am currently planning to build a simple app to help us manage assets, for now I am focusing on being able to get clean and professional Asset URLs instead of the ugly URLs Webflow provides us.

    I may be adding a feature to easily replace files as well and not have to deal with this kind of problem anymore...

    I am currently launching a WAITING LIST so if you really want that issue to be solved and why not ask for other requests subscribe here:

    See you. Brahim 🙂