Do NOT phase out the Client Billing feature!

Phasing out the "Client Billing" feature is a massive dissapointment for many agency and freelance users.

Transitioning to Bonsai brings only pain points to the users related to i.e. costs, management and client communication.

  • Natalia Szczypek
  • Apr 6 2022
  • Arron William commented
    23 Feb 10:58pm

    "It might be best to simply revive the old client billing feature and leave it as is, without further tinkering.

  • Izaak Wicks commented
    4 Dec, 2023 11:18pm

    Yup! Made an account just to vote on this and voice how backwards this is.

    I'll be creating separate workspace accounts for any Webflow site I consider building. I refuse to use additional tools to accomplish a simple task, I refuse to increase the web hosting costs for my clients.

    Webflow I'm just the designer - you're the ones offering the hosting so get over it, stop being lazy and manage billing yourself like you did before.

  • David Downing commented
    20 Feb, 2023 05:24pm

    if you won't bring back client billing, at least have an account option for the CLIENT to control the site and allow access to a designer/developer. The current Workspace options seem to lean toward freelancers/agencies/etc that want "more control over code" or to "scale their team". I want my client to own their own domain/hosting accounts and let me access it without them paying for all the agency-type functionality they do not need. The reason I am paying is so i could host multiple sites, export code, and have Webhost bill them directly. If i have to do the billing or have the client set up their own paid account, then i'm not sure why i'm paying money. Without client bililng (even if it stopped being marked up) it seems i need to use that export code option and host elsewhere as you've removed some key functionality that i wanted.

  • Matan Assulin commented
    8 Jan, 2023 12:22pm

    Just adding that I agree and client billing should come back! This was a great feature people loved. No one hated it, and if it frustrated anyone, they could freely use bonsai or something else anyway. Like this is just an opinional feature, why remove it. I really hope webflow brings this back someday!

  • MyCenturaHealth commented
    20 Nov, 2022 09:21am

    I think they should just bring back the existing client billing feature and never work on it.

  • Ryan Hale commented
    21 Oct, 2022 10:05pm

    Client Billing was part of why I chose to adopt Webflow in the first place. Taking over this admin function will preprent tons of unbillable time for my team. I know they've provided a referral to a third party service for this, but it still requires admin to reconcile these costs (between platforms). If cost is the issue, please just offer Client Billing as an paid add-on.

  • Maxx Berkowitz commented
    23 Jun, 2022 09:51pm

    client billing worked so well!! honestly was a HUGE reason I evangelized your praises, made being a freelancer and maintaining multiple clients so easy. adding a fee on top honestly was just icing on the cake. but you've introduced a huge hassle now. I'll have to create individual accounts for each client and remember their emails, hope passwords don't change...

    PLEASE bring it back!!!

  • Kevin Handy commented
    17 Jun, 2022 10:01pm

    Client Billing, as is, works better than the alternative, but I'd rather have another option. I feel I may be in the minority here, but I'd rather the opposite of things now. I don't want to be involved in billing at all.

    Our work is all project based contracts. As it is now, we have to pay taxes on the sales even though we're just passing through the charges. Many of them I can't turn over to them because they will need periodic help. Can't have them take the site down to transfer it over every time I need to log in. Those instances, we either charge one time or draft a new agreement but either way, they're billed through our accounting software. Webflow makes 100% of the money from our clients but we pay the taxes for it. I don't want to charge them more to cover those kinds of things because the Webflow publishes their prices and that opens up a whole can of worms I don't want.

    It'd be better if webflow just took care of getting their money and left me out of it.

  • Julian Galluzzo commented
    8 Jun, 2022 08:55am

    This is absolutely ridiculous - and the reasons given for retiring this feature are laughable.

    If people want to bill in their own currency, have reporting tools, etc - they've ALWAYS been able to use a tool like Bonsai to make this happen. This is nothing new.

    However, from my own experience, very few people actually care about doing this. Freelancers, agencies, and clients all love Webflow client billing because it allows them to manage the client website without having to log in/out of accounts, and risk losing money if a client does not pay/their card declines.

    Ethical freelancers and agencies who charge nothing on top of their client hosting charges are now going to be obligated to chase around clients for free.

    Adding new features to client billing was never a necessity. People who want those features are able to use whichever platform they would like. Retiring the feature because of this is, to put it nicely, complete nonsense.

  • Simon Heger commented
    7 Jun, 2022 04:43pm

    Webflow does not need to build its own global payment solution, as they say in various statements. You can pay Webflow by credit card. You will always be able to do that. Well - with clever user management (customer has a login, designer has the rights) surely the customer can just do this himself? Squarespace makes that easy.

    Or just bring back the existing client billing feature and never work on it. Better than none.

  • Guest commented
    24 May, 2022 03:11pm

    Guys, they can probably bring this back someday. Just use some other cool products for billing for now.

  • Joseph Barajas commented
    24 May, 2022 04:29am

    Yeah this is disappointing. Don't want to sign up and pay for another monthly bill.

  • Jared Dundas commented
    18 May, 2022 03:22am
    Guys, they can probably bring this back someday. Just use some other cool products for billing for now.
  • Russell Gathright commented
    10 May, 2022 10:35pm

    This move sucks imo. Not to be rude, but sometimes blunt is best. I was in love with webflow, now my heart is broken. Sure, webfllow wasn't perfect, and we had our problems, but this is a major dissapointment, a letdown, an unfufilled expectation. Oh the drama. That'll learn me to remember to be cynical about my software.

  • Rob Main commented
    5 May, 2022 08:29am

    looks like webflow will be losing a lot of clients this way, sadly.

    -Rob S

  • Alan Owens commented
    3 May, 2022 08:51am

    Sadly, if this goes ahead, WebFlow will lose all my clients. I will transition to another all in one supplier similar to webflow.

  • Elected commented
    23 Apr, 2022 12:36pm

    Not going to lie... I think its a good idea that Webflow drops the Client Billing... being in Australia and having to bill clients in USD was always doing my head in, about 6 months ago I started using Bonsai and absolutly love it. Its so easy to use and it makes seeing if all your clients have paid your invoices an absolute breeze. It does client billing the way it should be and has everything that Webflow didn't or sucked at.

  • Brent Lagerman commented
    19 Apr, 2022 07:55pm

    I'm probably in the minority here, I would much rather webflow put their devs to work on sorely needed improvements to the core product, like adding WebP image support as opposed to maintaining client billing. They have made a good alternative available (bonsai)

  • Laura Campbell commented
    15 Apr, 2022 11:07pm

    this puts me in an awkward situation. i've retired and i don't want to have to go back to work figuring this out and having to renegotiate with my client on payment.

  • Guest commented
    14 Apr, 2022 09:48am

    The Client Billing Code is a field on the filing workflow that allows users to associate each transaction with a certain client. You can enter whatever terms or descriptors your firm uses internally to differentiate client cases.

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