Custom dynamic slugs for CMS items

I would really like to dynamically create slugs/URLs for a collection item based on fields in the collection item.

(Actually kind of surprised this isn't somehow possible yet!)

E.g., I'm doing a multi-language fairy tale site, and I'd like to structure my URLs like /stories/french/goldilocks/page1 kind of thing.

* "Stories" would be the collection name (as current)
* "page1" would be the page slug (as current)
* NEW! "French" would be a field in the collection item
* NEW! "Goldilocks" could also be a field in the collection item

And I could choose the structure for my URLs in the collection settings. 

This would be similar to how Wordpress allows you to customize your permalink structure like %category%/%date%/%post-title% , except ideally with a bit more Webflow magic. 

  • Al Rulz
  • Feb 28 2017