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Allow for dynamic content & pre-populated content to be submitted on forms Merged

At present, there aren't any options to pre-populate a form so that the field gets submitted with that pre-filled content... unless you do a dropdown item.

It would be really helpful if this was possible AND if it were possible for this pre-populated content to be dynamic.

Here's an example of how/where I need this feature:
I have a job posting that I'd like someone to apply for. It has its own dynamic posting page. I have a form at the bottom of the page where the user can apply. I want the form to come pre-filled with the job title pre-filled to be: "Director of Services." Because it is a dynamic page, each posting would have their own posting name selected.

I can *kind of* do this with a dropdown item, but since dropdown lists can't be filled with dynamic content, I have to manually add items to the dropdown. This sucks because I'm not a content person. So now my HR team has to put in a request every time they want me to add a job or subtract a job from the form (which would have happened automatically with dynamic content filling options in forms).

  • Katie Alcock
  • Mar 15 2017