Multi-language sites and CMS fields

Each page and CMS entry is translatable. When creating fields for a Collection, mark whether that field is translatable (some fields won't need translation, like references to other collections, price fields, etc). 

An option for Links should be added to choose a language (in addition to external links, pages within the site, etc).

  • Brent Cartier
  • Jan 18 2017
  • In backlog
  • Nov 27, 2019

    Admin response

    From infrastructure improvements, to staffing up our team, we're currently working through various initiatives that will enable us to create a foundation for multi-language sites. Though we can't commit to any timeline, as a team we recognize how important building multi-language sites is to all of you.

  • Lucio Patone commented
    17 Sep 15:58

    In addition to the shame of not having a native multi-language system, the weglot integration has a serious bug:

    when you share any page via an android device, the URL is / null and therefore sharing fails.

    This is very bad especially for blogs and ecommerce.

    I reported the bug months ago but no one has fixed it yet.

    Weglot is not a solution currently.

  • The i-Mind Stoyanov commented
    16 Sep 19:53

    In need of that too. Quite high in the list of needs.

  • Anna Gregory Gregory commented
    08 Sep 16:32

    It would be especially nice to have this moved up from the backlog anytime soon. I have a handful of sites up that could benefit greatly from multi lingual support, instead of having the browser translate the site for a user.

    Content creator sites like blogs, as well as non-profit sites could benefit a lot due to reaching multi-lingual audiences.

  • Joe Pacal commented
    05 Sep 19:54

    Fingers crossed for a chance to see this feature live soon! Still a critical feature for many of us!

  • Jakob Krämer commented
    04 Sep 15:55

    How can this still not be in progress?!

    PLS listen to your loyal customers.
    It is the ONLY REASON why myself and many other freelancers and also a few big agencies I know are not using webflow.

    We have year 2020 guys. PLS develop that feature asap or raise another round to just buy the knowledge from other companies...

    Whats the current status on this?

    PS: weglot and duplicate pages is NOT a solution. Weglot is waaaay to expensive for bigger clients!

  • Sebastian Büchler commented
    03 Sep 08:56

    What is the status of the current work on this issue?

    When reading through the comments it appears to be a deal-breaker for many and the main reason why they leave webflow.

    I really like webflow, however without this feature the value is quite reduced.

  • Jessy Cormier commented
    28 Aug 01:37

    Copy Wix's solution as your MVP.
    Start with the static content.
    Finish with the dynamic.

  • Aidil Goh commented
    26 Aug 05:37

    So far we're using Weglot.

    Only drawback so far is that I can't figure how to show or hide specific contents (based on language) within a collection.

    I understand that it takes a lot of development work to come up with a robust translation feature (we've tried doing that with creating our own CMS in Laravel, with some success 😅).

    That being said, I do hope it comes sooooon.

  • Katoo commented
    21 Aug 13:32

    This is the reason why our team is dropping Webflow, literally. Although we love the app, it's just nuts to pay so much monthly for a website that is being built "copying and pasting" pages.

    What a pity :(

  • Jens Vahle commented
    20 Aug 09:27

    Any updates on this? The last admin response is almost a year ago.

  • CF commented
    12 Aug 15:37

    It is becoming quite basic. People are asking for e-commerce sites not to sell only on their country but specially outside their country, so having 2-3 languages is quite common now a days...

  • Pedro Chaves commented
    30 Jul 13:58

    We need this! It's a major flaw of this amazing tool. Looking forward to see updates

  • Atticus Team commented
    27 Jul 22:55

    I'm seeing this and am so bummed. Not sure what my next move is. Staring at a geographic expansion feeling check-mated. Hmm.

  • Lee commented
    20 Jul 13:17

    Hi, this is a dealbreaker. was just about to start a site design in English that in the future would have to be in German and Mandarin. whats the deal with this?

    are we stuck with just one language in the site design? am a newbie to webflow and was looking forward to getting involved.

  • Appie12 Mondal commented
    13 Jul 09:06

    I would like to develop multi-language for this particular page: Is it possible to develop multi language for this page?

  • Selçuk Kesen commented
    08 Jul 19:12

    Looking forward to see that update impatiently...

  • BAHADIR DİNDAR commented
    07 Jul 08:46

    This is the main reason why I can't start developing websites on Webflow in confident for clients. Multi-language support is a must

  • Ignacio Correia commented
    27 Jun 12:10

    The resons I don't move 400 sites to webflow. FYI!

  • Marketing Ripio commented
    10 Jun 15:13

    Please add this feature!

    We're more than 4K voting this and it's the second most demanded feature in the wishlist. We're all having troubles with multi-language sites and it's a very big issue for SEO.

    There's no other reason to still keep this development in backlog.

  • Charles Gombert commented
    02 Jun 16:30

    I thought a moment that the Weglot integration would be a solution but it does not include a subfolder like integration... I must have a subdomain or no multilang website...
    I am a new customer and feel a bit sad of this facing problem!

    Can we have any timeline or not so that I stick to webflow or look for alternatives?

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