Multi-language sites and CMS fields

Each page and CMS entry is translatable. When creating fields for a Collection, mark whether that field is translatable (some fields won't need translation, like references to other collections, price fields, etc). 

An option for Links should be added to choose a language (in addition to external links, pages within the site, etc).

  • Brent Cartier
  • Jan 18 2017
  • In backlog
  • Jan 19, 2021

    Admin response

    Hi all - this is not a priority in the immediate term as there are a number of 3rd-party solutions (e.g. Weglot) that allow customers to create multi-language experiences on their sites, but it’s definitely something we plan to build the right way within Webflow in the future.

  • Pospolu commented
    19 Jan 05:47pm

    I´m wandering how you came to this conclusion not to put priority on this feature in your roadmap. Sounds like a lack of insight in some way, would like to have been on your internal meeting then. Lack of this feature along with not hosting assets on project's custom domain makes your platform a baby solution for small projects. Unless your target is US/UK solely.

  • Dolphin Ganz commented
    19 Jan 05:35pm

    That should be your NUMBER ONE feature your team is working on as kind of ALL websites need multilanguage support that are not in english native countries. This is a huge disappointment for me...

  • Fabian Henzmann commented
    19 Jan 05:01pm

    This is a very unsatisfactory answer.

    The request is already 4 years old and nothing has happened.

    Of course there are third-party providers such as weglot, but in most cases these are another 190 USD per year. This should be included in the not exactly low price of a Webflow page.

  • Gill Steens commented
    19 Jan 04:59pm

    Only reason why I am not using Webflow for 100 % of my clients is because of the multi-language. Not quite happy with this answer. Tried almost all the other 3rd-party solutions, but never satisfied. Please think about this again.

  • Thomas LOSBAR commented
    19 Jan 04:55pm

    Lesson 90 of the 100 design lessons for 2021 from the :

    " 90% of the internet users are not in the US."

    90% (please) keep this in mind ..

  • Aiman Hassani commented
    19 Jan 04:51pm

    Dont think this is acceptable webflow. Very dissapointed in this response. The people have voted, give us what we want.

  • Felix Gonzalo commented
    19 Jan 04:49pm

    I've created a free solution for translate Webflow sites:

    Hope someone can save money with it!

  • Chris Gb commented
    19 Jan 04:41pm

    Weglot = Bad SEO + Flaws + Super expensive. This is a 2017 wish, ¡We are in 2021!

  • Katoo commented
    19 Jan 04:27pm

    Quite disappointed with the Admin response posted on Jan, 19th.

    It's not a matter of having a third party that does the job. It is about the increased cost associated with it.

    Basically, many European companies (where multi-language is a must, and there are several languages) will pay more for Weglot than for Webflow itself. That's really hard to promote when pitching Webflow as a solution :(

  • Quentin Souléry commented
    19 Jan 04:27pm

    Hi !

    Nice to have some news on that, it’s a progress, even though it’s not the answer we wished for...

    We have 1km long blog posts about how much money you raised (🙄), and how involved you are in societal issues (👍🏻), but... can we have precisions / a vision on the future of the product, especially for international customers, outside the US / outside english-speaking countries ?

    It would be great. Thanks for your work.

  • Tansen BEL commented
    19 Jan 04:25pm

    @admin, I have been using weglot on other platforms but the result is really bad, the automatic translation is not good and it's not suitable for a complex site that needs handmade translation. Maybe for some countries it's not a must do but for most of compagnies that have an international business it's absolutely necessary to have a real multiple languages management. You would gain a real market if you had it as even for myself, half of the sites I am creating are in multiple languages so they cannot be created in webflow.

  • Josselin Colletta commented
    19 Jan 04:19pm

    Weglot is too expensive and this situation is driving people to Wordpress (read the thread). Any other solutions you're thinking of ?

  • Paul Seymour commented
    19 Jan 04:18pm

    So, on top of what my client for hosting with you, I have to ask them to 50% more for 1 language per year, or 100% more for 2-3 languages? Thanks... that will definilty help me sell my services. Not a function priority for you, but a price priority for others...

  • Marcus Perezi-Tormos commented
    19 Jan 04:16pm

    @admin... I disagree that Weglot (which is better solution of all possible ones) does a good job at managing these translations. A lof of flaws. And most especially for SEO... All my websites need translation and good SEO as I'm located in Belgium (3 official national languages)...

  • Lukas Hasler commented
    19 Jan 04:11pm

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    19 Jan 04:11pm

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  • Altelis commented
    19 Jan 04:11pm

    Cher client, Nous souhaitons vous informer que nous avons reçu votre demande et qu'un ticket a été créé sur le support Altelis.
    Nous allons étudier votre demande sous 3 à 5 jours ouvrés. Soit notre support résoudra votre problème, soit il reviendra vers vous avec une demande de précisions. 

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  • Karthik From envision commented
    19 Jan 04:11pm

    Thank you for reaching out to us! :) We are currently experiencing a high volume of requests so it might take up to a few days for us to get back to you, but we will do our best to reply it as soon as possible. We thank you in advance for your patience. Feel free to visit our help center in the meantime, you can find at this link: Best regards, Team Envision

  • Marcel Deelen commented
    17 Jan 09:19pm

    At this point, this is the only reason why I lose my battles when it comes to using Webflow versus WordPress. Please save me from having to say yes to WordPress use.

  • Alexaadams455 commented
    16 Jan 08:08am

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