Multi-language sites and CMS fields

Each page and CMS entry is translatable. When creating fields for a Collection, mark whether that field is translatable (some fields won't need translation, like references to other collections, price fields, etc). 

An option for Links should be added to choose a language (in addition to external links, pages within the site, etc).

  • Brent Cartier
  • Jan 18 2017
  • Reviewed
  • Aug 28, 2021

    Admin response

    We recognize that multi-language functionality is very important and will allow everyone to create inclusive language experiences on their sites. It’s definitely something we plan to build the right way within Webflow.

    Please continue to give us feedback. We're listening to how such a feature could enable you build multi-language sites.

  • Asumma Webflow Admin commented
    18 May 10:32am

    We recently took Weglot in use and it seems to work quite well. They have a beta version available for subfolder structure (in addition to subdomain support) – that was important to us to keep the domain look clean.

    One drawback is that the slug translation is only included in their Advanced tier that is very expensive for this single feature we'd need. It would be great if they'd offer this in the lower tiers as well.

  • Jared Dundas commented
    18 May 03:06am
    Now that memberships are a thing, this would be amazing. Everyone can define their language via a form (or a detection method on site visit) and logic can direct them to appropriate content. Or we wait for Google glasses to work magic:
  • Mike HT commented
    6 May 05:00am

    We're a global company evaluating several CMS options for migrating our site. Webflow checks every box except native localization support, which will likely be a dealbreaker for us. Main problems with the 3rd party proxy solutions that we've seen so far:

    1. Lack of control over localized SEO

    2. Can't add/remove entire content blocks for specific locales

    3. Noticeable delay when serving localized content (seeing around 1-2 seconds)

    4. Significant cost for a high traffic site like ours

  • Thomas Vanhuyse commented
    27 Apr 05:48pm

    Chiming in from Belgium. My country has 3 official languages (Dutch, French and German), with English also being very important (us being the host country of the EU and NATO headquarters, amongst other international institutions). Multilanguage features are very important for us, and it would mean the world if Webflow supported this natively.

    Weglot is an excellent solution technically, but it is too expensive for small businesses that need a relatively simple website that supports 3-4 languages. If Webflow supported this natively it would be so much easier for us to sell Webflow projects to our clients!

  • Qulture Rocks commented
    12 Apr 03:44pm

    It for sure should be a CMS native feature. It a huge dealbreaker.

  • Amad Malik commented
    7 Apr 08:45am

    I was really excited to try webflow but I think this is going to be much more of a challenge than worth trying unless a multilingual option is native to webflow. Bring this functionality soon or webflow will keep losing all multinational companies.

  • Suong Le commented
    29 Mar 04:38am

    I am amazed in an international world that this is not a thing that is included from the beginning. Coming from the games industry where it is required to support multiple languages the solutions where very simple and very effective. This feature will not be ready for my current projects, but I really enjoy Webflow and want it to succeed. Please support the option to add translated text.

  • Timothée Jeannin commented
    9 Mar 08:00pm

    Webflow is awesome on many aspects, but not supporting multi-language is so crucial, that I cannot even consider using it for future projects.

  • Sean Fitzpatrick commented
    8 Mar 11:38am

    This is a dealbreaker feature

  • John Robert commented
    4 Mar 11:49pm

    The website aids in creating the best first impressions for users, particularly for those who design e-commerce websites. Anything you display on the eCommerce website will be received by your clients. When a client visits your website, for example, the color scheme, animations, and information quality are the first things that will draw him in. In a summary, an eCommerce web development service is all about creating your e-commerce website appealing and engaging if you want to captivate your customers and make the best first image.

  • Sander Anseeuw commented
    26 Feb 06:18am

    a less pricey solution then weglot would be awesome for people who speak and write multiple languages and don't need translation service. Just some CMS functions to change the content based on the selected language...

  • Martin commented
    21 Feb 10:38am

    Cant believe its not already finished.

  • Stella Varghese commented
    15 Feb 07:50am

    Thinking of multiple language for DLE site Arabic kuthu lyrics, have many categories and need to study about possibilities.

  • Antoine commented
    31 Jan 01:52pm

    Been asking for this for 4 years. Could you please send some updates on this? You're making your users lose their time and you're probably losing lot of money since people are using other CMS because of this missing feature

  • Danila Mouzytchenko commented
    27 Jan 07:58am

    +1 it feels just right that it is a part of the core functionality. And it should definitely be on a higher level in the architecture, so you could switch between the language for the whole page and for the whole collection item. I think it also makes sense if there are automatic translations if you choose an integration, for example with weglot, but still the most importan part is that it is easy to access within Webflow and that it is highly optimized for SEO

  • Javier Rodriguez commented
    17 Jan 02:53pm

    Tell me how I can help you speed up this feature.

  • Productea commented
    16 Jan 07:21pm

    +1 we need this!

  • mBusiness GmbH commented
    15 Jan 11:50am

    Please Webflow team, be smart. 6600 votes do not lie.

  • Camille César Boldt commented
    9 Jan 12:14pm
    Can't believe that this has been asked for more than 4 years and still nothing done. It's crazy.
  • Gregory Zagkos commented
    7 Jan 11:29am

    Switzerland has 4 official languages… I think this explains pretty much how important this is for swiss designers and companies… not having this functionality really just makes everything way more complicated than it should. I'd be happy with a simple solution that doesn't feel unstable in the editor. And I didn't even start on the SEO situation where I need to be extra careful… This takes a lot of time and it just is not an option in Switzerland to NOT have multiple languages. I really hope this comes ASAP. Because building up my own business, It HAS to happen, otherwise, I'll need to look at other solutions than webflow for the future… and I don't want to have to do that

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