Multi-language sites and CMS fields

Each page and CMS entry is translatable. When creating fields for a Collection, mark whether that field is translatable (some fields won't need translation, like references to other collections, price fields, etc). 

An option for Links should be added to choose a language (in addition to external links, pages within the site, etc).

  • Brent Cartier
  • Jan 18 2017
  • In backlog
  • Jan 19, 2021

    Admin response

    Hi all - this is not a priority in the immediate term as there are a number of 3rd-party solutions (e.g. Weglot) that allow customers to create multi-language experiences on their sites, but it’s definitely something we plan to build the right way within Webflow in the future.

  • Micha Köly commented
    20 Apr 10:41am

    Hi there, not considering this as a priority sends a very bad message to webflow users. I'm really happy with all the functions and the convenience that webflow delivers but with this behavior concerning an issue that is clearly an absolute must-have for many of your users, I find myself reconsidering the decision to further build on the webflow service. I'm willing to pay the webflow subscription and hosting prices for the services we get so far (as I said I'm happy with that) but the slow progress on the multi-language issue paired with the obvious advertisement for WEGLOT conveys the impression of a solely money-oriented alliance. I get it - that's business, but please consider that this could be a major decision driver for users in the future to further use webflow as their faith decreases.

  • Code Chrysalis commented
    13 Apr 05:01am

    Hey there. I would also like for Webflow team to reconsider this priority. With corona moving businesses online, a major appeal is to attract a larger more international market. It is a business need on your customer's side, shouldn't it be yours?

  • Benjamin Mühlbauer commented
    13 Apr 03:28am

    I remember when in 2017 I started using Webflow with the promise that multi-language support is coming.

    Now it is four years later and you decided that this is not a priority? Hugely disappointing!

    I cannot justify the additional costs of using a third-party solution to my clients!

  • Tiada Guru commented
    9 Apr 01:59am

    Really disappointing this decision has not been overturned.

    A huge chunk of faith lost. Is this platform worth spending money if after years, huge promises just vanish?

    This is Adobe-level support & recognition of Very Bad Developer Honesty.

  • אילנה סביר דה ריבס commented
    6 Apr 07:35pm

    The problem with 3rd party solutions is that they are very expensive. As an independant bloger with limited income that speaks 3 languages fluentll and actually a professional translator & editor, I see no reason whatsoever to pay for something that I can do much better.

  • Arthur commented
    16 Mar 04:17pm

    I was starting to built my blog on Webflow (I think it is a great solution) with much enthusiasm, and, just when I was looking for a tutorial on how to set up a multilingual version, I discovered that it is not possible. For me, that's a no-go. I will unfortunately start to look for other less customizable solutions...

    You tell us that we can use Weglot (thanks but I am not paying for that, I can translate on my own). I think it is a shame that the second most wanted functionality is "not a priority". I don't understand that statement since in any business lesson or talk, you will hear or read that responding to your customers' needs is the basis of all business. Ignoring them sends a very negative message...

  • Joshua Roberts commented
    5 Mar 06:22am

    Multilingual support is a must-have within Webflow, we need this!! We've deployed many sites using Weglot, and it gets very cumbersome especially when we have clients that want to update content, and then find everything gets retranslated automatically (and incorrectly). There is no reliable solution for dynamic content using Weglot, it gets expensive, is cumbersome, and requires clients to manage different interfaces.

    Really hope this great platform listens to the community of people asking for this feature, it is very difficult to keep developing sites without it.

  • mBusiness GmbH commented
    24 Feb 11:20am

    We are using Weglot and are very happy with this solution. However, it would be amazing if Weglot could be natively integrated on Webflow.

  • Oliver Tasnadi commented
    11 Feb 01:30pm

    This has possibly already been mentioned, but until this feature gets developed, Weglot is a great tool to use.

  • Kyle F commented
    31 Jan 08:17pm

    Weglot/3rd party tools are NOT good solutions! Please give us multi language feature ASAP.

  • Jacob Marciniec commented
    30 Jan 09:38pm

    I love you guys for having this wish list... it's part of the reason I decided to use Webflow! But honestly, what's the point if you just ignore many of the top, hugely desired requests? For what it's worth, I would happily pay extra for multi-language support. Weglot seems pricey but I'd still rather pay you than rely on a third party.

  • Pascal Krebs commented
    21 Jan 06:13pm

    Some comments are mentioning, that webflow is a design tool and should not be compared to wordpress etc... Well - thats simply wrong. Webflow is positioning itself as a wordpress competitor - and they also mention their strong CMS capabilities. The more money webflow gets from investors - the more arrogant they seem to become. A bunch of "hip" coders with ping-pong tables and fancy offices - but absolutely loosing touch with their clients. If weglot is the only solution for us in the feature - then at least give webflow customers a good deal. The standard prices are way to high for something that should be a native soluation in the first place.

  • Joe Krug commented
    21 Jan 04:20pm

    Even if Weglot is not your ideal solution, it is the best option available to us on a Webflow hosted website. And it works really well. We have Weglot translation active on over 30 client websites. Everyone loves it.

    Webflow is not going to build it into the platform any time soon. This Admin Response makes that very clear.

    I want to clear up some misunderstandings I see in comments

    - Yes, Weglot is SEO friendly. Really easy setup process that makes your pages prime for search.

    - You can have your content translated automatically or manually. The manual translation lets you customize each piece of text on your site for each language. All managed through Weglot dashboard.

    - This is the best option we have available to us on a Webflow hosted website.

  • Malik Nbr commented
    21 Jan 11:40am

    I understand that at one point you did not have the needed resources to implement this. However if it has been 4 years since this request was listed and voted to be one of the most desired, plus all the additional rounds of funding Webflow has raised, it is extremely disappointing that the team is not aligned with its community on such a clear and long waited request.

    If you look at you can see many updates that clearly have far less impact already implemented. This makes one think about the criteria Webflow uses for prioritizing tasks.

  • Guillaume Gosselin commented
    20 Jan 06:31pm

    Webflow is great for the Designing Website. Other features are not well implemented enough, so we always export our sites to Headless CMS and everything is fine. Webflow should stay in the design business area, we don't need another Wordpress, one tool don't need to fit all. We prefer JamStack philosophy and Webflow is a great ingredient of our recipe.

  • TX Markets commented
    20 Jan 04:38pm

    Ouch, that really hurts. Dear Webflow product people: There is a great article on medium called "The Rise and Fall of InVision" and dare I say, this very much reminds me of that. InVision was once valued at 2 billion dollars and was the darling of UI design. Now nobody uses them and we just cancelled our enterprise account as well. Their mistake was that they did everything BUT listen to their customers wishes. I can see some parallels looking at the wishlist

  • Frederik Hermans commented
    20 Jan 03:35pm

    If you are looking for a quick implementation for multilanguage Weglot got you covered. Good product, not cheap though.

  • HOCHEDEL AG commented
    20 Jan 03:24pm

    Da die Mehrsprachigkeit für Sie nicht wichtig ist, gehe ich davon aus, dass Sie auch meinen bewusst in Deutsch geschriebenen Beitrag lesen können. Wenn nicht, erkennen Sie vielleicht die Bedeutung und Wichtigkeit einer mehrsprachigen Website.

  • Martin Lindner commented
    20 Jan 02:14pm

    When it was announced last week that Webflow got 140m in funding I was excited for the things to come and today when I saw a notification in my inbox for this thread I got even more excited. Yes, they finally announced multi-language! Oh what a fool I was.

    Every half decent CMS today has multi-language built in. And yes, for $20 a month I expect that from Webflow too.

    I host some sites with Webflow hosting and I wish I could host more, but for now I'll just keep on exporting most sites and strap them into an easy CMS (statamic, craftcms, strapi etc.) and self host for an absolute fraction of the cost. Wish I didn't need to though.

    @Kevin Polambo. If your clients see the value of $2000/year for a translation SaaS good for them. Weglots pricing is all over the place and certainly a deal breaker for most businesses. It's obviously valuable for some, but an almost impossible sell for most SMBs.

  • Kevin Palombo commented
    20 Jan 11:17am

    I live in the center of Europe, and my tiny country "Belgium" counts 4 main languages... I had to find a solution very soon on my journey. I was also hoping for a solution within webflow but found out this powerful tool that mention Webflow, "Weglot".

    Let me be honest about this tool:

    • I'm using it since more than 2 years

    • It helps me land multilingual clients very often

    • I have 2 client websites with both 7 languages each

    • Multilingual website is "easy" to manage for me and my client

    • A ton of hours gained thanks to the automated translated (80% close to perfection)

    • Clients can invite translators on the platform for the 20% left to correct some errors.

    • All that without disrupting Webflow website, because on Weglot we get a separated dashboard for managing all that

    So I'm not disappointed about Webflow, the solution exists is right in front of you 🤷‍♂️

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