Multi-language sites and CMS fields

Each page and CMS entry is translatable. When creating fields for a Collection, mark whether that field is translatable (some fields won't need translation, like references to other collections, price fields, etc). 

An option for Links should be added to choose a language (in addition to external links, pages within the site, etc).

  • Brent Cartier
  • Jan 18 2017
  • In backlog
  • Nov 27, 2019

    Admin response

    From infrastructure improvements, to staffing up our team, we're currently working through various initiatives that will enable us to create a foundation for multi-language sites. Though we can't commit to any timeline, as a team we recognize how important building multi-language sites is to all of you.

  • Pedro Chaves commented
    30 Jul 13:58

    We need this! It's a major flaw of this amazing tool. Looking forward to see updates

  • Atticus Team commented
    27 Jul 22:55

    I'm seeing this and am so bummed. Not sure what my next move is. Staring at a geographic expansion feeling check-mated. Hmm.

  • Lee commented
    20 Jul 13:17

    Hi, this is a dealbreaker. was just about to start a site design in English that in the future would have to be in German and Mandarin. whats the deal with this?

    are we stuck with just one language in the site design? am a newbie to webflow and was looking forward to getting involved.

  • Appie12 Mondal commented
    13 Jul 09:06

    I would like to develop multi-language for this particular page: Is it possible to develop multi language for this page?

  • Selçuk Kesen commented
    08 Jul 19:12

    Looking forward to see that update impatiently...

  • BAHADIR DİNDAR commented
    07 Jul 08:46

    This is the main reason why I can't start developing websites on Webflow in confident for clients. Multi-language support is a must

  • Ignacio Correia commented
    27 Jun 12:10

    The resons I don't move 400 sites to webflow. FYI!

  • Marketing Ripio commented
    10 Jun 15:13

    Please add this feature!

    We're more than 4K voting this and it's the second most demanded feature in the wishlist. We're all having troubles with multi-language sites and it's a very big issue for SEO.

    There's no other reason to still keep this development in backlog.

  • Charles Gombert commented
    02 Jun 16:30

    I thought a moment that the Weglot integration would be a solution but it does not include a subfolder like integration... I must have a subdomain or no multilang website...
    I am a new customer and feel a bit sad of this facing problem!

    Can we have any timeline or not so that I stick to webflow or look for alternatives?

  • Roland Alden Alden commented
    01 Jun 21:46

    Instant deal breaker. Was testing out webflow creating some content items. I assumed I would have to activate a paid plan to get this. Went to go do it and I find it's not there.'s 2020. This is not a serious product. Totally shocked to see these requests going back years.

  • Záviš Pexidr commented
    01 Jun 15:46

    pls do it

  • Ebb Bayarsaikhan commented
    22 May 08:11

    Have to add my say to this, as I find this a necessary feature for all sites I build. As a freelancer in a non English speaking country, this is the one feature that I would give and arm and a leg for. Webflow please implement this feature natively so that I don't have to go to another third party workaround. Please update us!

  • Petr Bílek commented
    15 May 10:03

    Upvoted. It's must have, there are solutions which are extremely expensive. It will be so, so helpfull to be integrated as the native feature.

  • Lotta Tamminen commented
    08 May 20:59

    This is the only reason why I don’t change to Webflow right away. I live in Finland and we have 2 official languages (Finnish and Swedish) which means that every single project needs at least 2 languages. Often 3 with english included. And weglot is simoly too pricey.

    As this tread already proves; there’s many of us with the same problem. Would love to get a solution!

  • Katoo commented
    07 May 13:49

    Wow, I don't know if I feel happy to see so many people requesting such a feature, or if I feel sad because all this people already asked for this feature and it's still standing in the backlog.

    Anyway, as a first time user, I am surprised this is not native and will have to rely on workarounds or third parties (like Weglot, that would cost my company more than the whole Webflow system - which is crazy).

  • Giu Vicente commented
    05 May 15:45

    One more here.

    I'm trying now to understand how can I do.
    We could have a collection with this function and a VAR that changes on click.
    But the thing is to manage all the variables we have with this.

    Please, make it good and not just delivery something. But don't be late. :)

  • Laurent Hayoz commented
    05 May 05:36

    Multi-lingual is the one feature missing to make Webflow the go-to solution for a lot of projects. It's just not possible not to have a multi-lingual website in many case. And I'm not talking about the Weglot subdomain thing, which is not a proper solution neither for SEO nor UX

  • Wespond commented
    04 May 08:07

    I get that this is a highly complex feature to implement and might not align with webflow's growth goals, yet solving the struggle of multi-language would be a game changer and this is what webflow is - changing the way things are done.

    Please put real attention on this feature and don't give us the general blah blah like in your statement.

  • Harald Vogl commented
    22 Apr 09:26

    Why are the two most asked and voted things are still just in backlog? Even a lot of US companies should have the need to show their content in other languages, if they want to sell things in other countries.

    Actually I'm preparing a project for a client with content in two languages in several collections, what needs to simulate country versions by filtering of collections and keeping things in duplicate pages.

    As in this case the navigation has several filtered collections to show products of different categories in a mega menu, I'm running now into the max. collection limit of 20 per page.

    This sucks, as the massive work to prepare a complex site with hundreds of products and product variants is now in danger by this limitation.

    Btw. at least I would appreciate feedback from support in time and not after several days, especially on a business hosting. Waiting for support feedback is meanwhile like gambling and just for people, who don't have pressure.

    Some years ago, Webflow did a great and fast support, now after adding cash cows like e-commerce, instead of multi language sites, I fear the support team is not able to compensate the growing of the company.

    Just my personal perception, after paying several grands over the years ...

  • Javier Revilla commented
    22 Apr 08:33

    Idea: use the same logic as the GTM lookup tables and enable conditions for filling specific elements.
    1 - I set a nav a symbol
    2 - The nav has a dynamic element
    3 - The element is filled from a Lookup table: home > home_en // product1 > product1_en
    4 - else element for undefined pages

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