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SEO - actually accommodate schema - REALLY simple fix Merged

In the Settings panel, it would be great to either be able to put words in with no "-" dashes, or create whole separate feature below specifically for adding schema. There is currently no way to properly add schema since it does not allow for spaces and google seo crawler does not recognize items that have the dashes relative to schema.

The format shown here is what we should be able to accomplish: 

itemscope itemtype


As seen here:


Ultimately this should be a VERY simple fix since the easiest thing to do would just to able to allow for words with no dashes in the "Custom Attributes" panel, which would then truly accommodate schema which Google would recognize.


If you are unable to not allow for no dashes due other issues needed by others, you could simply put a checkbox in the "Custom Attributes" panel with "Schema" and then one would be able to allow for spaces when checked, and it would only allow for dashes in between words when unchecked.


Anyway, seems like it would be a really simple thing to accomplish.


 Please let me know if you would like more clarification or a mockup.





  • Nathan Steele
  • Apr 21 2017
  • Reviewed