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When I search Google for my website I want to see the results in a structured format (like showing price, breadcrumbs, picture, etc). I can currently do this for my CMS-generate collection pages by pasting JSON-LD snippets and adding in the field variables but would be nice to have it baked into the UI. Also would be nice to be able to do this on one-off items on my site (ex: contact information and hours) which may not be in the CMS.  

Here are the properties supported by

  • Kyle Kilat
  • Jan 26 2017
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  • Brent Lagerman commented
    13 Mar, 2023 04:08pm

    adding and managing schema has become pretty important, also don't see any good 3rd party solutions for Webflow :(

  • Paul Tellefsen commented
    25 Aug, 2022 06:07pm

    With the recent google update. This should be a high priority for the team.

  • Mustafa Alabdullah commented
    17 Feb, 2022 06:30pm


  • Kent Warren commented
    9 Jul, 2021 02:23pm


  • Roberto Meireles commented
    31 May, 2021 08:50am

    Why is this not implemented yet?

  • Ravi K H commented
    25 Jan, 2021 12:31pm


  • Simeon Zickert commented
    27 Oct, 2020 02:05pm

    This is a must for good SEO!

  • Luis Almanzar Galvan commented
    18 Oct, 2020 01:55am

    As an agency, this just isn't negotiable. If this isn't in the plans for the near future then we need to switch to wordpress - SEO today isn't something on the backburner, its a necessity.

  • Simeon Zickert commented
    21 Aug, 2020 07:08am

    Why is this still not implemented.
    really important feature!

  • Richard Petrich commented
    18 May, 2020 05:15pm

    No votes left, but pls make this happen....

  • Domenick Basolo commented
    8 Nov, 2019 07:53pm

    This isn't done? This really makes me reconsider paying for the service. Nowadays this is a must this isn't an optional thing when creating client websites. This is the most common thing I hear from my clients these days. This shouldn't even be a suggestion it should be implemented.   

  • Nichole Jones commented
    14 Oct, 2019 04:04am

    I don't have any votes yet, but please make this a thing :(

  • Daniel Blaho commented
    7 Mar, 2019 08:53pm

    Wordpress can do it with Yoast. It's getting to be more and more important in SEO. Having this as a native feature in Webflow would be a huge win!

  • Chuck Braman commented
    19 Dec, 2018 05:23pm

    From Google, 12/19/2018: "Structured data is very helpful to better understand the content on your pages, and allows us to highlight your pages in fancy ways in the search results."

  • Stephen Parkinson commented
    15 Sep, 2018 06:05am

    Shots fired haha

  • Stephen Bazley commented
    30 Jul, 2018 06:11am
  • Alborz Heydaryan commented
    2 May, 2018 03:01pm

    I would love to see this. I'm getting started on SEO for a family business website and this would really help us get an advantage over the competition in search results. Please Webflow!

  • Chris Lobue commented
    13 Feb, 2018 07:01pm

    OH Boy - 

    Really love to see this implemented for us and our clients Sites!

    In the end the beautiful designed site is useless if Google is putting a competitor in front of it.... 

    (my clients words exactly)

    Thanks Webflow,

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