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Time formatting (CMS) Merged

There's a ton of options to create custom dates, but only one way to display time: hh:mm AM

On top of supporting international time, we'd like to also have it broke down into elements: HH, MM, SS, and possible AM or PM.

Also indicating timezone in standard formats.


  • Vincent Bidaux
  • Jul 3 2017
  • Reviewed
  • Fabricio Felix commented
    9 May, 2019 12:57am

    Is mandatory a CMS Date field in other language instead only English. 

    How to create a blogpost with the date formatted in my language (Brazilian Portuguese)? 
    Eg: 08 de MAIO de 2019 

  • Stephan Nabbe commented
    27 Mar, 2019 01:35pm

    I want to add a vote for the merged idea: date picker without adding automatically the time. In most cases, the time is not relevant. But more importantly, the time that is added automatically is the time of the moment you set the date: this is (almost) never relevant.

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