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Rename any selector class, but maintain the styles, to make variations Merged

I have a box names "1" and need to do a variation names "2", that inherits all, but does not become a subclass, in order to target it with Interactions. Currently I have to have a blank container to make this easy. So if I could make an instance of some class, rename it but keeping styles, it would be easy to make layout variations. 

  • Jesper Fagerlund
  • Jan 18 2017
  • Shipped
  • Diarmuid Sexton commented
    18 Jan, 2017 11:58am

    Yes,  if I understand correctly - the ability to target a subclass with an interaction?

    Currently, if I want to target an item with classes .nav-link.special-nav-link - and i only want to target items with the .special-nav-link then I have to create a separate element with .special-nav-link as the first class so it becomes a class and not a subclass. This class will now show up in the interactions "affect different elements" search box. Subclasses do not show up in this search box. Nor can one type in multiple classes. This may be a bug actually.