Clean asset links: Host assets on a site's Custom Domain and don't prepend the names with number ID strings

It would be great if you need to link to an uploaded Webflow resource (ie. a PDF or other) and have it on your own domain and not have the file name be prepended so "pitchscript.pdf" does not change to "872384029387403298wajlhewuhf_pitchscript.pdf". Especially since people want to host with Webflow fully & not have to put it on an external server.

  • Gira Desai
  • Jul 26 2017
  • ASOTU commented
    21 Feb 01:23pm

    This is a crucial element to serving images, css, and js with caching and web friendly images. Not sure why it is not included with webflow custom domain plans.

  • Kady Richardson commented
    7 Feb 08:43pm

    We use PDFs for a lot of our information here and in these cases, the resources in question are PDF documents that have been uploaded to the Resources. Ideally, the slug link would stay the same even if we swap out the PDF that the link directs to. Right now, we have to manually change any button linked to a PDF with the "hard" location of that PDF. It would be much easier to simply edit the resource and change the PDF attached there while leaving all the other fields the same.

  • Rob Boyle commented
    23 Dec, 2022 01:34pm

    This is essential and holding me back from launching a project on Webflow

  • Chris brisson commented
    3 Oct, 2022 04:51pm

    So basic. PLEASE add this.

  • Savvy Navvy commented
    15 Sep, 2022 05:24pm

    This is a terrible implementation of a simple feature, randomly changing file names from what is uploaded is nonsense. You need a logical name which does not have to be unique and what it names the file on download and a storage name that can have a GUID. This feature is useless as it stands.

  • Daniel commented
    6 Sep, 2022 03:29pm

    Webflow is an amazing product people. Please upvote if you really think this is a crucial feature!

  • Daniel commented
    6 Sep, 2022 03:07pm

    Has this not been resolved after 5 years because tech debt in WebFlow is so bad they can't fix this without massive code rework?

    Webflow hasn't responded at all and this suggestion is in the Top 4 pages of the Wishlist. You can see in other comments this has affected their livelihood and they don't even make a comment. This just makes no sense.

    There are comments that images on a different cdn doesn't affect SEO, however for PDFs it does.

  • Trevin Chow commented
    13 Aug, 2022 12:41am

    I strongly upvote this as well. In addition to the other reasons stated (SEO), this also has benefit of those of us using Cloudflare proxying, to benefit from all of its benefits.

    Because webflow assets are served out of the domain, this isn't owned by us so can't be proxied by cloudflare.

    I've found other ideas and requests for this going back over 5 years. I don't foresee any hope in this getting fixed... but maybe?

  • Samen voor Goud commented
    3 Aug, 2022 11:44am

    We need this

  • Michelle Chau commented
    11 Apr, 2022 06:02am

    It's been 5 years and this haven't been fixed yet?.. omg...

  • Chloe Can commented
    29 Mar, 2022 07:57am

    Yep we need this as well!

  • Guest commented
    24 Mar, 2022 04:31pm

    With you can have ALL assets on your Custom Domain :)

  • Vik Bhatt commented
    20 Dec, 2021 03:47pm

    Has this been fixed?

  • Tom McCabe commented
    9 Sep, 2021 05:49pm

    Dealbeaker issue for us too

  • Human Agency 3 commented
    2 Sep, 2021 09:37pm

    Agree with what everyone has been saying. This is so unbelievably critical for SEO ranking, branding, and reputation.

    Our clients have thousands of published papers and web resources that need to be branded properly. We do not want to have to host our resources on another site... but it may come to that.

  • Osman Kudsi commented
    28 Jun, 2021 09:01am

    Here's a workaround for y'all

    1- Upload the document to your asset manager

    2- Copy the link of the asset from the asset manager

    3- Go to your project settings -> hosting -> scroll down to Redirects

    4- Create a new redirect from whatever string you want (make sure there isn't an existing page with the same string) to the link of the asset you copied from asset manager

    5- Publish

    et Voila, now you have your custom link with your domain name that goes straight to your asset.

  • Stephanie DeWald commented
    9 Jun, 2021 04:10pm

    Can someone from Webflow weigh in on this? This feature is very much needed.

  • Naos Wilbrink commented
    11 May, 2021 07:13pm

    With this wishlist, do you get to see where it's at in a queue? If it was looked at? Put on a backlog somewhere?

  • Kevin Sparrow commented
    9 May, 2021 02:49am

    I also just got a very bad email from my client saying that this is not acceptable. I really need this feature (And it sounds like others need it too)!!!

  • Nick Romanos commented
    30 Apr, 2021 05:58pm

    Just got chewed out by our SEO team for not telling them about this asset linking. Feels bad man...

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