Clean asset links: Host assets on a site's Custom Domain and don't prepend the names with number ID strings

It would be great if you need to link to an uploaded Webflow resource (ie. a PDF or other) and have it on your own domain and not have the file name be prepended so "pitchscript.pdf" does not change to "872384029387403298wajlhewuhf_pitchscript.pdf". Especially since people want to host with Webflow fully & not have to put it on an external server.

  • Gira Desai
  • Jul 26 2017
  • Tom McCabe commented
    9 Sep 05:49pm

    Dealbeaker issue for us too

  • Human Agency 3 commented
    2 Sep 09:37pm

    Agree with what everyone has been saying. This is so unbelievably critical for SEO ranking, branding, and reputation.

    Our clients have thousands of published papers and web resources that need to be branded properly. We do not want to have to host our resources on another site... but it may come to that.

  • Osman Kudsi commented
    28 Jun 09:01am

    Here's a workaround for y'all

    1- Upload the document to your asset manager

    2- Copy the link of the asset from the asset manager

    3- Go to your project settings -> hosting -> scroll down to Redirects

    4- Create a new redirect from whatever string you want (make sure there isn't an existing page with the same string) to the link of the asset you copied from asset manager

    5- Publish

    et Voila, now you have your custom link with your domain name that goes straight to your asset.

  • Stephanie DeWald commented
    9 Jun 04:10pm

    Can someone from Webflow weigh in on this? This feature is very much needed.

  • Naos Wilbrink commented
    11 May 07:13pm

    With this wishlist, do you get to see where it's at in a queue? If it was looked at? Put on a backlog somewhere?

  • Kevin Sparrow commented
    9 May 02:49am

    I also just got a very bad email from my client saying that this is not acceptable. I really need this feature (And it sounds like others need it too)!!!

  • Nick Romanos commented
    30 Apr 05:58pm

    Just got chewed out by our SEO team for not telling them about this asset linking. Feels bad man...

  • Reo Baird commented
    7 Apr 12:15am

    For me this will become a dealbreaker. We wish to send potential customers PDF brochures and not being able to host on our own domain looks very unprofessional. Our customers will wonder why we are sending them to a random domain.

    We will likely migrate off of webflow for hosting in the near future if this is not resolved.

  • Lindsay Germain commented
    17 Mar 08:39pm

    Critical feature, especially now. Sites waste load time fetching images at a different URL, rather than on our own domain. Not cool.

  • Annie commented
    13 Mar 01:20am

    I was redirected to this feature request having a look at mine. Need the PDF that opens in a new tab to be on the domain name after the "/", e.g. or at least e.g.<any_folder_if_need_be>/document.pdf. NOT on domain and with any added strings of characters.

  • Client IO commented
    4 Mar 09:08am

    Critical for us too as we cannot hide gated content from Google crawlers. Please roll this out ASAP. Thank you!

  • Good Access commented
    14 Jan 12:18pm

    Pain in the ass guys, are you on it?

  • Jose Macías Fernández commented
    29 Nov, 2020 02:47pm

    I can't believe this is still an issue! Will this be rolled out at all?

  • James Bogue commented
    10 Nov, 2020 08:52pm

    This is important feature to build into the webflow. My clients need this. Please make it happen!

  • Rich Cleeve commented
    22 Oct, 2020 08:22am

    Love webflow, but we just had a client who is very hot on branding complain about this.

  • Chase Razabdouski commented
    18 Sep, 2020 03:12pm

    Absolutely critical. There is zero image SEO with Webflow. Hosting images on a subdomain kills image search benefit, as do all of the appended characters.

    To link to a larger view of an image in a rich text CMS field, I just had to double upload the image (one in rich text field, one is assets) and link the CMS upload to the asset upload. So convoluted.

  • Martin Angst commented
    26 Aug, 2020 12:34am

    Critical feature. Please include in the next update.

  • Gabe Paley commented
    21 Aug, 2020 08:15pm

    This is totally ridiculous. Makes Webflow completely unusable for this purpose. I need to host all of my files somewhere else.

  • Greg Owens commented
    11 Aug, 2020 02:55pm

    How has this not been fixed yet?

  • Brent Goldman commented
    24 Jun, 2020 04:43pm

    This would be VERY useful for SEO and to better manage assets.

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