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Allow custom domain for assets (images, CSS, and JS) Merged

For customers with strict firewall whitelist policies that have not whitelisted, the css, image, and JS assets do not load, essentially breaking our site for those customers. It makes our site look unprofessional and reflects poorly on us.

It would be fantastic if the images, css, and js assets could be hosted behind the custom domain as well. That will reduce the likelihood that the site appears broken and simplify the process of fixing it for customers for whom it still is (e.g. we just need to tell them to whitelist our custom domain, instead of both our custom domain and

  • Stein Setvik
  • Aug 8 2017
  • Eric Potratz commented
    October 20, 2017 00:02

    I believe having a custom domain within the image/PDF URL would have some SEO benefits as well. Google gives SEO credit for unique images. Surprised they're aren't more votes for this.

  • Webmaster Archplan commented
    January 08, 2018 17:48

    This is definetely needed, since e.g. PDFs etc. should be hosted on own domain not a clooudfront domain as links etc. won't bring SEO power and such.

  • Pete Minnelli commented
    January 18, 2018 20:26

    I can't think of any clients of mine who find it acceptable that their files can't be hosted on their own domain. Don't understand why webflow hasn't ironed this out yet.