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Combine Collection items from multiple Collections in one list Merged

I need to be able to reference multiple collections into a master list to be displayed on page.

My client is a little frustrated right now because we needed to separate Category A collection into Category B and C collections because one of those collections is all protected pages (member access using 3rd party Sentry). This was all fine and well to do until I realized that my client wants to sort ALL of Category A articles into one list, regardless of the separation.

For instance:

  • Category C - collection of regular articles, accessible by the public
  • Category B - collection of premium articles, accessible by subscribers
  • Category A - not an 'official' collection but it references ENTIRE collections, making them sub-collections (in this case, Category B and C)

This is imperative because right now, sorting by date is the most painful thing to do being that separate collections can't be sorted together...if we can pull data from multiple collections in the CMS and display in the template/design as a single entity...that would be splendid!


Thanks for looking into this :)

  • Brandyss Adams
  • Sep 14 2017