Ability to style CSS Combinators: combo classes, pseudo classes, nested classes

When I add a css class and then add another css class on top of it, the resulting css rule in the code is a compound rule. Most of the time this is fine, but there are times I need the two rules to be separate. Please expand on the css layering, by giving us granular options for creating single-class or compound rules, and maybe even some complex bits like parent/sibling selectors, or ":" suffix rules.

Mainly, if I've got two elements, and one's got classes A->B->D while the other's got classes A->C->D, I don't want to have to define D twice, like I do now.

  • Brendan Keyworth
  • Sep 20 2017
  • Mandy Hopp commented
    23 Sep 08:48pm

    This is critical in making clean, reusable code. The way it's set up right now is incredibly hard to keep track of.

  • Donald R. Simon commented
    13 Sep 08:07am

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  • Priya Sharma commented
    24 Aug 08:10am
  • Priya Sharma commented
    24 Aug 08:10am

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    22 Aug 11:25am

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  • Tom commented
    13 Aug 08:18pm

    I am really missing support for bested "children of" styles. Any progress?

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    10 Aug 08:33pm

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  • Johannes Elze commented
    9 Jun 10:05am

    I just can't believe that this feature is still not implemented! It has been requested since 2014! It's such a crucial and very basic CSS operation. Please, do implement it finally!

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