Two Factor Authentication for editors / Collaborators

Currently only admins/teams can activate 2FA on their account. This should also be possible for editors/collaborators in order to keep editing content on the site as safe as possible.

  • Retsoft Document solutions
  • Apr 16 2018
  • Matt Lenton commented
    6 Mar 12:03pm

    Our InfoSec team are insisting that we only use tools and software with 2FA in place, including the WebFlow editor login. Please put it in place before we're forced to migrate back to Wordpress.

  • Jon Burdon commented
    4 May, 2023 02:27pm

    I have importsnt clients who will not use webflow if this is not implemented.

  • Stephane Pouzenc commented
    15 Dec, 2022 08:32am

    ... We could ask for more control over the actions of an editor (logs per user, restricted access to certain pages, etc.), but this is the high priority that our cybersecurity-sensitive customers request: the security related to the "editor" account is too weak => thank's to the Webflow teams for integrating this minimal functionality 2FA without further delay...

    (Here is an other same request in the wishlist (they could be merged) :

  • Andrew commented
    30 Nov, 2022 10:49am

    This is critical. Collaborator rights give enough control to completely ruin a site, so their accounts should be protected with MFA.

  • Edwin Brito commented
    23 Sep, 2021 09:02pm

    To work with some enterpise companies, 2FA is required.
    Please add 2FA for editors and passwork protected pages.

  • Saturday Primary commented
    5 Aug, 2021 02:33pm

    We have several clients asking for this!

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