A way to return how many items there's in a collection

A feature for us to print the number of items in a collection, wherever we want in a collection list, a collection page, or static page.

It could be useful to design bubbles or indicators showing how many items exist for a given list. It's more precise than for a collection. It would be affected by the limitations of a list.

For example a list of 3 first blog posts filtered to category: international, with an indicator in the title of the list showing how many items that list returns when you click a "Show all" link.

I don't fully envision how this would work because this indicator would have to be outside of the list, actually, along with the title of the list. It's not a dynamic data per se, rather a metric from the CMS.

It goes along the pagination feature and maybe the manual sorting of a collection:

  • Vincent Bidaux
  • Jan 30 2017
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    29 Oct, 2020 08:45am

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