Having a child page Or second relevant page to the CMS Template Page

As I am working on a net store in webflow using Foxy cart, I realized that it would be so nice if WF has the possibility to have a relevant page under the CMS template page that has automatically the same CMS elements from the CMS collection (and relevant to the prior page) so it could be a pre checkout page... So let's say you have the Product Page (which is the CMS template page) then you create a page that get the same data from the parent CMS template to be as customized checkout page before you proceed buying the product.


In this case, it will be more functional to show the client everything you want to show for his checkout then the rest is just to buy using the checkout you have (for example Foxy Cart)


The Website I am working on: 


  • Faissal Ramadan
  • Oct 22 2018