New "Smart" Editor

I think the current editor is very limited in how it works. It is missing a lot of critical features and actually isn't that helpful when adding new content.

I think there is a difference between the CMS collection "data" and the "content" that can be created in a Rich Text Block. Ideally, anything could be put into a Rich Text Block. Maybe it then becomes a Rich Content Block.

The goal for a new editor could be to create a sort of Medium-style writing experience where the content block being written for could insert any type of content you've already defined. In this style of writing, you could do things similarly to how Medium works.. Update text (h1, h2, h3, bold, underline, etc.) and add images, videos, but also add in components from Webflow that you've already created.

Wouldn't it be ideal to just type the content and components based on labels that each component is given (h1, h2, h3, bold, underline) and images, videos, or symbols? That way we don't need to place the content in the same order for all of the CMS items.

This would allow for unique CMS item order, where you are putting in content to one of these blocks and it gets designed based on the UI components that you have already created in your Webflow site's style guide.

This would also make it more enjoyable to write in Webflow, keeping designers and marketers on the site instead of using Google Docs or some other tool to do the writing first.

This would also streamline the publishing process because people could make their edits and re-order content without needing to change the CMS template.

The way you could add symbols or other CMS content would be to "reference" the other fields anywhere in your current CMS (this item or other items).

For example, if I'm using a Rich Content Block.. I might reference the "title" of my post using "@title" where I can actually get a "dynamic field insertion" into my Rich Content Block. This would allow me to easily update the "title" attribute at any time and my Rich Content Block would also update every instance of that reference.

This could be tremendously scalable if you are referencing a global attribute many other blog posts. You could simply select that attribute by using the @ symbol. It would then allow you to look up content anywhere across your CMS. In that item or globally through a simple search. It then binds the reference after you select it.

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Thanks guys!


  • Cameron Roe
  • Jun 24 2018